So, after an upgrade of Windows 10 from Windows 7 home premium, my laptop HP Pav d7, crashed and became a brick. After purchasing a new cheap laptop, I was able to research on the net to how to do a complete Windows 10 install using the Media Creation Tool. Down loaded all onto a USB thumb and off I went to rescue my HP Laptop.

Not being able to rescue with files intact, I ended up doing a complete install in another partition? Not sure how all that works but I do know EVERYTHING that was, is no more. On to the 1st question.....

During the install, the program asked me for the Product Key on several occasions. I always just hit the "Do it later " because I never received one and do not know how to obtain it. The program installed successfully and it shows on the PC that I am running Windows 10 as it's OS, AND I'm showing a Product number for it, but it's only 4 segments of numbers and not the usual 5 (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX Vs 5 sets).
Q: Is this acceptable? or do I need a proper number and if so....Where do I find it?

NEXT - Since the install, I still have to run IE11 for my work web pages as the new " Edge " is not yet compatible or visa versa. Anyhow....I can no longer run You Tube videos or Video clips from various news channel, etc... Sound seems to be ok, but no picture. Sometime black screen only, sometimes scrambled tile and blurred pictels.

I have validated that adobe flash is installed and enabled. I have tried to download Adobe Flash Player but the OS won't allow it......So. Q: What do I do now....?

I am glad I found this Forum, as is with many of my friends that have downloaded Windows 10, this has been very frustrating and challenging to say the least.

Thank you all for the input!!