My file and folder timestamps are showing the wrong time

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    My file and folder timestamps are showing the wrong time

    Over the summer in the UK (when we were on British Summer Time) my files and folders had the correct time on them, but ever since Daylight Savings kicked in and moved us back to Greenwich Mean Time, my files (depending on what app is used to view the file details) keeps showing the timestamps as an hour less as to what they should be.

    The thing is, I had this problem a few years ago and it somehow got corrected, but it's come up again. So how do I fix this problem and show the correct time in file timestamps, regardless of DST changes?
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    The file timestamps are going to match your PC clock time, or they should. Is your PC clock correct?
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    This is an example of what my problem is:

    I use a program called Attribute Changer ( to change attributes and also date and time stamps to whatever I want, and I'm certain it takes account of Daylight Savings Time.

    In the examples below, this is what I get after I use this program with the timestamp "30/09/2018 12:00" on the same set of files:

    My file and folder timestamps are showing the wrong time-dst1.jpg

    In Windows Explorer, the timestamps are the same as when I set them in Attribute Changer.

    However, two other programs I use (ImgBurn and 7-Zip) show the hour as different, an hour earlier.

    My file and folder timestamps are showing the wrong time-dst2.jpg My file and folder timestamps are showing the wrong time-dst3.jpg

    Is there a way to solve this problem?
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    I don't have Imgburn but see the same effect in 7-Zip without using Attribute Changer. Files and folders last modified in the summer are shown one hour earlier in 7-zip than Explorer.

    According to developer of 7-Zip by default it stores last modified as UTC by default (when avaliable) while Explorer shows local time.

    See :
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    Thanks for the info, lx07.

    So I see that the situation is worse if you're in a time zone which is not GMT (the Moscow guy, for example).

    So Win10 uses UTC, and there's no way to change that, or force the software I mentioned to change instead?

    If not, then that's a shame. I would just prefer the timestamp to be consistent at 12:00 (I hate odd numbers like 11)
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    It's Windows policy or feature for years to have Folders show date and time when created and if they are copied to or from other sources, uses the computers settings at the moment. Usually the files in the Folders will retain the date/time when they were saved. This situation has existed for quite awhile or at least I remember it from back in the days of DOS with Windows 3.1 on my first computer in '92.

    Not an advertisement but I use 2 third-party file managers, Total Commander [paid] on one computer and FreeCommander on another, can change the Attributes of files such as the date and time.

    As to the UTC/GMT part, Windows uses the time zone set up at installation, any on the list can be used, Default may be for Pacific Time [UTC -8]. Since I had to work with UTC/GMT starting back in '60 I have a few computers set with 2 time zones "just for fun", the display in the Notification Area is my local time but hovering the mouse over it gets a pop-up showing both.
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    I just checked and found that UTC is exactly the same as GMT.

    The screenshots I took above are from local GMT time, so why are they off by one hour?
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    NTFS uses UTC. Historically Windows and zip files used FAT standards (which is is local time and only 2 decimal places).

    You can read about it here. File Times - Windows applications | Microsoft Docs
    The FAT file system records times on disk in local time. GetFileTime retrieves cached UTC times from the FAT file system. When it becomes daylight saving time, the time retrieved by GetFileTime is off an hour, because the cache is not updated. When you restart the computer, the cached time that GetFileTime retrieves is correct. FindFirstFile retrieves the local time from the FAT file system and converts it to UTC by using the current settings for the time zone and daylight saving time. Therefore, if it is daylight saving time, FindFirstFile takes daylight saving time into account, even if the file time you are converting is in standard time.
    A really easy way to see the difference is to look at dir in powershell and then in cmd. Notice the time difference in the "PerfLogs" folder here : Powershell is showing 09:33, cmd is showing local 08:33. Actually I don't know which of these times is "correct" as I can't remember but you can see the local/UTC at play.

    My file and folder timestamps are showing the wrong time-capture.png

    GMT=UTC incidentally, but in the summer your local time was BST so there was an hours difference. This is a red-herring though as I'm on Central European time. The difference seen is between converting UTC to local now vs then.
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    This is a known issue. Check this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones\ and this one HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation Also change your time server.

    1) right click clock, select adjust time/date2) region language, select additional settings3) select change date/time4) select internet time tab

    Also check the time service.

    Press Windows key + r ( + r).Type services.msc.Click Windows Time in the Name column.Alternate click and then click Properties.Change Startup type to Automatic (if it’s not already set to Automatic).Click Start if the service isn’t started.
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    bro67, I looked at all that:

    The registry entries seemed to be both on GMT.
    The clock was already set to Internet Time (quite a time-saver, no need to manually set the clock when it drifts).
    I started Windows Time on Automatic (it wasn't before).

    No changes to 7-Zip or anything else, and CMD and PowerShell report different times, as stated.
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