Microsoft downgrade , we are on our way to Windows 95  

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    Microsoft downgrade , we are on our way to Windows 95

    So I don't quite know how these people think but I became so much skeptical to do upgrades as honestly all I gain of em are more disk space consumed , more darkened interface and yet important features removed .

    Let me review some of the important features I personally started missing over version updates over the past few years . I am listing those important to me I am sure you people have more to add but meh those are my concern .

    First release
    We lost the ability to track internet traffic/quota used that was showing next to all Wifi hotspots , they give you instead some over all monitor of internet traffic used , based on 1-30 month cycle and un-modifiable , we don't need that actually as not all isps use 1-30 billing cycle .

    Graphics started running faster , I praised that update here in forum , also video encoding was faster , however it was the era when windows update got all hunged and the internet was filled with questions related to failing to update and no suggestion was really working to fix them .

    Graphics performance and video encoding hindered greatly but windows updates became smoother , 3D builder app was replaced by a joke app named 3D paint , Reader app was removed and we were told : You can use your internet browser instead , why have a dedicated reader ! Lite weight outlook express was deprecated as they saw it was useless neglecting that the majority of mobile software sync/backup suites relied on its database to save contacts but then I guess this was Microsoft's way to make life difficult for android users , a battle Microsoft started then lost immediately after .

    Microsoft decided to legacy out a lot of hardware , where you find audio , game controllers and graphics card either non functional or forcefully downgraded to generic drivers losing all their cool features something leading the majority of those who faced that to revert back to previous build and for the rest to live with hindered features as they never knew what hit em . We lost Groove Music , we lost People , we lost HomeGroup which was hilarious as this was the friendly mean to share files among a home network without the need of the assistance of a network administrator (LOL) and I did laugh alot at the suggestion page microsoft started explaining alternatives where it stated : You can mail your files to other pcs (LOL) or use OneDrive (Why they fail to understand the majority of the world internet speed is rubbish and has quota ?) and like that wasn't enough they removed software restriction from group policy , so if you are in a company that has a domain , an administrator now have to move pc to laptop to lock all apps the company don't want you to run :)

    The launch was a failure , some lost their data , some were never able to log back in again falling into boot loops etc and had to reinstall windows , and the survivors noticed a lot of sync options have changed or deprecated , Hologram app was lost .

    So me looking back at the things we bleed update to another I am seeing this : if your happy with what you have just don't upgrade , cause apparently microsoft doesn't want you happy :)


    If you are happy and you know it clap your hands
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    Windows 11 Pro 22631.2715

    Sooner or later MS will stop supporting a build but I suppose you can still use it.
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    Josey Wales said:
    Sooner or later MS will stop supporting a build but I suppose you can still use it.
    well they don't support windows 95 anymore either so we're not losing much .
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    Any consumer 'downgrades' will stop at WinXP due to both NTFS drive formatting and the choice of 32-bit/x86 or 64-bit/x64. WinXP was the first 64-bit with their Professional edition, just weren't many programs yet. Never used an Itanium/IA machine and probably never will due to inaffordability of resources to buy a dual-/multi processor hardware such as the Intel Xeon.
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    Windows 11 Pro 64 bit

    "We lost Groove Music , we lost People"

    I have those on all my 1803 PCs

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    Steve C said:
    "We lost Groove Music , we lost People"I have those on all my 1803 PCs
    Groove streaming features similar to iTunes and Sound Cloud had been deprecated and now we are left with Groove as a local music player just on its way to deprecation .

    And with People using its database to Sync contacts by mobile backup/sync suites as an alternative to Outlook Express had been prohibited , you can only do that manually now .

    Read about it Here
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    Hi folks

    perhaps we should all go back to Windows 3.11 (actually for its time it worked quite well).

    Microsoft downgrade , we are on our way to Windows 95-w311.png

    I really think though for something to be called W10 professional there should just be the base W10 core and GUI installed -- do I need all those tiled apps / music players, drawing apps etc etc.

    Now let me install anything extra if I want it.

    Windows HOME could be different if these sorts of apps HOME users want. Otherwise there's not a mega lot of difference between the two editions for casual users.

    personally my days of using Windows daily are coming to an end

    all I use now are Photoshop, Office (still no real competition out there - especially for EXCEL), a SAP GUI for accessing work place SAP systems, and a logon to a work VPN via something like CITRIX (hideous) or similar.

    This stuff I can easily do on a VM as well -- even Photoshop performs properly on a VM these days --Virtualisation has improved so much in the last few years that in some cases you can get the VM to run at about 95% of Native speed.

    I also have some old studio (music studio) hardware I run on an XP VM - incidentally a much less cluttered OS with a much nicer GUI IMO.

    Microsoft downgrade , we are on our way to Windows 95-menu.jpg

    Anything else there's plenty of Linux apps that work brilliantly. -- I do admit though this wouldn't be a choice for serious gamers yet - but that's not me as I'm not interested in that type of stuff anyway.

    For Music etc KODI and VLC work just fine on a Linux platform.

    Note : XP VMs can access modern file systems -- I have no problem with XP VM's accessing HDD's of several TB via samba etc. The VM software will handle all the appropriate I/O.

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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 21H1 (May 2021 build 19043.1083)

    Could some of those missing features be replaced with something else? For example, I don't remember Homegroup in Windows XP and earlier. We had to manually enable sharing and then share the Documents or whatever folder we wanted to share. This can be also done in Windows 10 as long as you set network connection to Private, not public. As for People, you can have them in Skype or other similar application. Also some old applications (eg Windows Photo Viewer, old-style calculator, classic MS Games [desktop versions], Desktop Gadgets etc) can be enabled again using the appropriate utility.

    For most users: Stay clear from Linux! It is not as easy as you may think and you will keep searching at the internet for even the simplest things! VERY frustrating. I would never recommend Linux for an average user, only for those who want to experiment with it and take the full responsibility.
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    Win10 Version 22H2 Pro and Home, Win11 Pro and Home

    And the 'old' File Manager can still work on Win10, both 32-bit and 64-bit.
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    Windows 10 Pro 21H2 build 19045.2193 Dual Boot Linux Mint

    IMO most of what we have "lost" was not required or essential to me anyway.

    Still got my Win95 install floppies. Linux? used many versions plus BSD, Os2 Warp, OSX, BeOS and a few dozen other operating systems even more confusing than Linux, which these days has been made pretty much idiot proof, if you don't fiddle with it.
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