Win10 – Language change Arabic to English  

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    Win10 – Language change Arabic to English

    I just bought a 2nd hand laptop by occasion and it has only one problem: the Windows 10 was installed in Arabic language and I need it in English. I do not read/speak Arabic language.
    I looked over many YouTube videos in Arabic and English language about how to change the language in Win10. Unfortunately my screens that I see in Arabic language do not match the screens seen in Arabic on YouTube videos/tutorials, so I cannot do a blind click-click and by chance to change it into English.
    I can make print screens and then put them in USB stick and upload them here on EE from another PC – that I figure it out.
    I do not want to reinstall Win10 from scratch, but of course that is the last option.
    Below are the first steps which leaded me to, I hope, Language and Regional Settings in Win10, but where to click further and what to choose?
    I really need your guidance in step by step with pictures where shall I click in order to install the English language.
    A tutorial in English does not help. I need a tutorial (step by step) in Arabic with pictures.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Is it a single language installation? I.e. can you actually install language packs?

    Example case which makes this clear:
    How to change the language on Windows 10 Home Single Language Edition. - Microsoft Community

    Do you have Home or Pro?

    Clean installing Windows isn't so hard- and I would guess you don't want to keep what's on the laptop if you bought it 2nd hand. New PCs often come laden with trialware.

    If you were to clean install, the question would become- which build. Both 1803 and especially 1809 builds have certain problems. 1803 is supposed to be being fixed this both (setting associations).
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    I can answer all your questions only after I change the language in something that I can understand and be able to click it.
    Now I feel blind. I cannot find any specs. I know only what I see - Arabic text that I do not understand.
    Help me to change it somehow into English and then I can answer the questions after I look inside the Win10 installed version.
    I do not know where to click and what. I cannot answer to any question now about the Win10 OS installed on that laptop.
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    I was able to change the input langue for keyboard in English and I found with "winver" that is Win10 Home 2018, but not idea about more. The laptop is Sony Vaio.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    One way to get English info would be to use a photo translation app on a smart phone.

    Windows key + R

    You should see a window like this:

    At the prompt type systeminfo

    and you should see info like that.

    It would be helpful if you can translate any part of that to tell you the edition (Home or Pro) - the build number should be clear.

    I can't translate image info for you.

    I'm not sure how to tell you how to find out whether it's single language or not offhand with your limitations.

    Open Settings, System, About. It will say SL if single language.
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    I managed to change the input language to English and I entered in command prompt.
    Then I was able to check the system version.

    It is Win10 Home 2018 Build 1734, OS language 0x0401 (1015) Arabic-Saudi Arabia.
    [MS-LCID]: Appendix A: Product Behavior
    And according with Wiklipedia:
    Windows 10 version history - Wikipedia
    The Win10 Build 17134 is version 1803.
    Somehow, blindly, I managed to arrive to Settings – System – About page - the last screenshot below, but who can tell if is written SL or ML or nothing?
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    You can always open language settings page direct. Open a 'Run' dialogue (press + R) Then type ms-settings:regionlanguage and enter.

    Then it is a bit of guessing.

    If English is not there click on the plus sign and add it. You'll get a list of languages and a greyed out "Next" button and an active "Cancel" button. The language name English will be shown in both English and Arabic. Click on it and the "Next" button becomes active. By default it will download the language pack and set it as default display language. There are 2 buttons here - "Install" and "Cancel". As "Install" appears just where "Next" was you can click on it without moving your mouse.

    If English is already there select it and you get 3 buttons which in English are "Set as Default", "Options", "Remove". I don't think Arabic rearranges order of buttons on UI so just click to one on the left. Worst case you delete it and have to install it again.
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    You think is easy by guessing, but is not, especially when things are mirrored left to right.
    Anyway, I did it.
    Here is what I have done next.
    Knowing now that my Win10 is Home 64bit Build 17134 version 1803, I have downloaded from here the EN US language pack:
    Windows 10 Version 1803 Language Packs Direct Download Links
    Then I just put it on USB stick, renamed it,moved it on laptop C: and then following the recommendation from the link below:
    mui - How to change Windows 10 interface language on Single Language version - Stack Overflow
    I have applied at command prompt as Administrator:
    dism /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:\

    Then I have followed your advice with 'Run' dialogue (Windows key + R) Then type "ms-settings:regionlanguage" without quotes and I arrived to the screen below, whihc I have seen below but I was not sure where to change the language.
    Anyway, now, at this point I knew there are at least Arabic and English as display languages installed and somehow I only had to choose Englsih instead of Arabic, so blind, by trial and error I found that besides some Arabic text there is also English text written as option and I supposed is the display language.
    I have just chose that and I restarted the laptop and finally I got the English interface.
    Was an ugly job to do it, but was good that I did not have to reinstall Windows.
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    Windows 11 Pro X64 22H2 22621.1848

    I don't understand why you don't just do a Clean install of 1803 or the new 1809 build. You are going to keep running into fragments of Arabic for awhile and since there is nothing on the computer that you want to keep, clean install it and be done. An hour or two and you would have had a clean, fully functional computer in the language of your choice.
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