PC Freezing for short periods -> DistributedCOM Error?  

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    Windows 10 Home 1909 18363.900
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    I had checked Windows Update earlier this morning, nothing.

    But checking again now after posting above, there is an update awaiting reboot for Service Pack 2. I am on 1809.

    I think I'll stop verifier, and let it install, then restart verifier.
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    Windows 10 Pro, 1709

    56Kruiser said:
    I am beginning to think Chrome is causing the problem. I have never had it freeze when using Edge. Of course it could be conincidental, but I've been using Edge a lot more, and no freezes.

    Only thing is, I find no current mentions of Chrome freezing in a Google search.

    I hate to move away from Chrome, but may have to. At least until I find it is freezing when Chrome is not loaded.

    I have the same problem with Windows Pro 10 Ver. 1709. But I am using Firefox and not Chrome. So I guess the freezing is not related with browsers.
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    Windows 10 Home 1909 18363.900
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    I'm sure you haven't bothered to read this long thread.

    I ended up sending it in to HP, and all they did was load Windows v1809. Haven't seen any freezes yet since then. Currently in princess of running tests tho see if it is still having any hardware errors.
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    Windows 10 Home 1909 18363.900
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    No BSODs at 24 hours. So, I stopped it, installed Nordvpn, and again, it does BSOD with that app. Uninstalled it and back to running verifier.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    After the computer was serviced by HP there were:
    a) fixes made to the windows operating system using scannow
    b) recurrent entries in the event viewer displaying corrected hardware errors

    So the steps that HP made, replacing the operating system and installing new drivers, did not fix the recurrent corrected hardware errors.

    The drivers are being tested with windows driver verifier.

    If replacing the operating system and drivers and testing the drivers do not find problems then these are essentially ruled out.

    The remaining problem appears to be hardware.
    The Windows operating system as corrected the hardware errors preventing uncorrected errors or BSOD.

    The HP hardware diagnostics may or may not have a test for this hardware component.

    For any test there are:
    a) True positives
    b) True negatives
    c) False positives
    d) False negatives
    e) Accuracy

    A True positive is a test reporting a problem when there is malfunctioning hardware.
    A True negative is a test reporting no problems when there is normally functioning hardware.
    A False positive is a test reporting malfunctioning hardware when there is no malfunctioning hardware.
    A False negative is a test reporting normal hardware when there is malfunctioning hardware.
    The Accuracy is a mathematical calculation of the frequency of each of the above parameters.

    There may be few if any testing tools.
    When choosing a testing tool to test a device the tool with the most accuracy will have the fewest false positives and false negatives. The testing tool which has more false positives or false negatives will have a lower accuracy.
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    Windows 10 Home 1909 18363.900
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    Crashed last night - no blue screen...was black

    It apparently crashed last night. I didn't realize it because I was checking on it just by looking at the screen, which was black. I was expecting a blue screen, so didn't realize it had crashed.

    This was after having interruped the test to load the VPN, having it blue screen during test, and uninstalling the VPN. I did do a refresh of the parameters for the test, and that is what was running when the laptop failed.

    Link to Beta Log File-> LINK
    Link to Memory.dmp file-> LINK
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    Windows 10 Home 1909 18363.900
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    I forgot, I also wanted to post latest shot of reliability monitor:

    PC Freezing for short periods -> DistributedCOM Error?-image.png
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    The minidump debugging displayed:

    a) the crash occurred with the use of Windows driver verifier
    b) the misbehaving driver was tapnordvpn

    A replacement driver can be attempted.
    If the software/driver causes another BSOD then see if you can find alternative software

    If this software must be used:
    Sometimes software can be modified using Windows compatibility troubleshooter.
    And sometimes software can be used in a virtual environment (this would need to be asked in another forum)

    TAP driver error whilst connecting to a VPN
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    Windows 10 Home 1909 18363.900
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    I just came back here to say I bet it was the NordVPN.

    So, here's the thing: I DID get a blue screen for that, didn't bother to do anything here other than say that. We know it's been a problem, but I wanted to test it.

    So, the recognized Windows failure is in fact the Nordvpn.

    So with all that, I"m not sure what to think about the apparent freeze of the computer over night. Nothing I did would bring the screen back on. I'm assuming it was frozen, but not sure about that.

    No apparent things in the log about it, or in the reliability monitor.

    Maybe it was just so busy that it wouldn't bring the screen on, although that would surprise me given that the only performance issue I am able to see while running the test is if I try to play a video.

    So, at this point, it's feeling like the system is OK (other than the confusion with the screen not coming on this morning). I presume you didn't see any more fixed hardware errors.
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    Windows 10 Home 1909 18363.900
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    OH, regarding reinstalling Tap drivers, I"m thinking that was actually accomplished, so to speak, given the new OS. So, I probably need to abandon NordVPN.
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