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    Hello dalchina...

    ... on setting default programs... so it´s best not to set any of those then?
    I haven´t been able to start the computer again to see to that.
    Let´s see...

    I´ve just continued reading the thread on the Acer Aspire V5 122p - and it has to do
    with a rogue AMD graphics driver Acer refuses to correct because they only work
    on Win 10 drivers now.

    So we not only have to fight Microsoft, but also ACER.

    What´s wrong with all these people?

    2nd Update:
    This seems to be one BIG BEAST of a mess.
    I´m just studying the workaround solution to apply it as soon as the computer
    starts again. It apparently happens on every reboot, and makes the computer
    utterly useless.

    However, there seems to be a combination of using basic Microsoft
    drivers, getting a certain AMD update drivers and blocking further
    Microsoft graphic Updates.

    For the moment, both companies are ignoring the issue. Brilliant!

    I thought it had been bad enough, but it´s getting worse all the time.

    Note: I forced a push-button stop-start, and it restarted immediately.
    It´s enough to drive anyone crazy.
    So now I´l try and fix it the way they said in the thread.

    God gave us computers to keep us on out toes and not become complacent.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Build 1803 association problems? MS confirms, + Powershell 'fix' - Windows 10 Forums

    - and there are other threads on the forum with examples of impact.
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    OK, I´ll try and uninstall it because it´s trying to install it now.

    Before that I´ll tell it not to install manufacturer´s drivers,
    take out the current graphcis driver and replace it with the
    Microsnot one., and then download a certain correct driver
    keep driver updates blocked.

    It seems a good thread, the one about the Aspire V5 122p...

    I´ve just instructed a re-start, and now it seems to be repairing
    itself automatically. Let´s see if the artificial intelligence works...

    Well, it is offering a factory reset or something...
    OK, I can see the option to load the previous disk image!
    Then I´ll install the Windows Update Minitool and hide some updates.

    But it all sounds like a botch, and may be too cumbersome for my wife
    to use decently in the future.If it makes for a bad computer, it will
    factory reset it to Win8.1 again. ...but not quite yet...

    What idiocy for a really good 4-year-old Quadcore laptop, and
    I´m sure Microsnot and ACER could give a monkey´s.

    OK, now I´ve managed to make it stop updating graphic drivers,
    and will look for the one recommended on the aforesaid thread.
    So it appears that the fix is working!

    Thanks again!
    More, later!
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    Hello dalchina,
    Further success. Wow, incredible!
    After following the instructions step by step, everything started working properly.
    First, with the single driver Windows put in, it re-started correctly.

    Then, despite two misfired initial tries to install the exact driver recommended on
    the aforementioned thread, (there was seemingly partial installation interfering),
    the third try proved successful, and the installation log reported everything as fine,
    both with the 512 Mb GPU in the APU, as well as with the discreete 2Mb GPU.
    Also, the initially installed generic driver is still there too.

    Excellent! Re-start was successful, and the correct drivers are back and appear to
    be doing their job correctly, and Win10 Driver Updates remain de-activated.

    Now I´ll deal with the file association issue, but that won´t be as serious, I think.

    P.S: No wonder everything is working - all updates have disappeared, and a single
    one came in for Defender. I got Minitools to ask me before doing anything, but
    probably general Windows 10 updates will have to stay on automatic.
    Before they disappeared, I noticed one of the updates was blocked: An AMD graphics
    one! ...but my prior manual update, must have set off something.
    Anyway, I´ll watch out for what happens now and post something if necessary.

    Thanks again, and Cheers!
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    Hello Dalchina,
    After following your indications, and those on the Aspire V5-122p problem thead, the laptop is now as fast as ever!

    Some technical stuff - I hope I am not being a nuisance :

    a) It hasn´t come to Update 1089 as yet.
    b) AMD Driver-update KB-3073930, warned against by the V5-122p, thread has b een avoided after the instructed driver-update de-activation.
    d) Defender Update KB2267602 installed itself successfully twice in 2 days - probably updating an update. OK then.
    c) Update 1803 gave a fail notice and wasn´t installed this morning, it´s trying again, so I´m trying to hide it with Minitools.

    Anyway, upto now all seems to be well.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    You can read about 1809 on this forum, but it seems many bugs still apply although some have been fixed in Insider builds.

    Best to wait. You can disable updates (search the forum for 'completely') if you prefer to do that for a bit, or perhaps hide just 1809 using the appropriate tutorial
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    Hello dalchina,
    OK, will do! Thanks.

    I just got the WUP update blocker. A handy little tool, easy to use - just on/off !! Great.
    Given the situation on Updates 1803 and 1809, it may be a good idea to block everything for a while.

    I´ll be observant as to how these two updates evolve before allowing their installation.

    By mistake I downloaded Reimage Scan and Repair, which detected some bad stuff, some of which should have been detected by Windows Defender, and now it wants 30$ for repairs. ...well at least I can be thankful for its free-if-charge diagnosis. Being recommmended by Majorgeeks, I´m totally sure Reimage is made by good and honest people, but on the other hand it seems so unfair that Microsnot Windows 10 needs the averge user to pay third parties additionally to correct its botches.

    But.. such is life. I´ll see if I can avoid the Reimage repairs for now.

    I have seen your commendable interventions on other threads helping people with different issues, and it certainly seems complicated to achieve a stable Win10 behaviour.

    Thanks once again for your appreciated help!
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    Hello dalchina,
    More good news!
    After seeing the Reimage Report and finding that about 6 Defender updates were in a queue,
    with Update 1803 hidden, I was indecisively blocking and unblocking updates with the Update blocker,
    and I got a Update Manager Message strongly recommending Update 1803, saying it was the best in
    the world and all...

    Looking into my own AMD laptop, which is stable, I saw 1803 installed on Oct. 15th, so I made a disk
    image for my wife´s computer and decided to risk it, and went for it!
    It took several hours, but Update 1803 is now successfully in place. I did not, however, install Cortana´s
    voice, just in case!

    Everything seems OK, and Reimage report is less negative than before. Previously reported malware issues
    have disappeared, and the instability report is better, so all in all, it seems to have been a good thing.

    I thought I´d let you know, just for the record.
    However, I´m watchfull. In case anything awkward were to happen, I´ll be in touch.
    As soon as Update 1809 wants in, as that one seems to be causing certain havoc, I´ll make a disk image
    before deciding what to do.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Reimage does get good reviews - here's one from a reputable site.

    Reimage Repair Review: Tool to scan fix Windows OS errors

    However, as you've found, it is vigorously promoted, sometimes by those dreaded BIG GREEN BUTTONS.

    It's a tool which attempts to do things in a way none of the MS tools do, perhaps more helpfully than's free repair tool.

    As for Windows stability, well, I've had Win 10 on this from 10240 - first public release- and upgraded via 1511, 1603, 1607, 1709 with no real problem. The very few BSODs I've had have been due to 3rd party progs.

    So don't think it's necessary to keep taking Win 10 in for a pit stop every 100 laps for a quick oil and tyre change.

    As I said, as far as I know, the problems with 1803 on changing default programs still remain, and I'd leave 1809 well alone as, whilst some problems are being addressed as seen in Insider builds, those fixes are not necessarily being deployed yet by 1809 CUs.
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    AMD A10 laptop Aspire V5-122p solution also valid for V5-552G

    Hello dalchina,
    That´s comforting news, and thanks for sharing your experience.
    I´ll be wary to stall Update 1809 until I hear the important issues have been solved for the user.
    At any rate,here I have been able to acquire some good tools to defend myself with if needed.

    The Aspire in question is incidentally a V5-552G, not a V5-122p, (I remember a sticker next to the mouse-pad which is no longer there, and only just found out the correct model number while checking the new stuff in Update 1803...), but evidently both models use the same drivers and had the same symptoms, as reported on the V5-122p thread that provided this wonderful and reliable solution.
    Another computer saved - and that´s no exaggeration!

    It looks like once the main issue of the AMD graphics drivers was solved, all else worked with no problem.
    I´ll see how the indexing thing works out.

    I was thinking it would be a good idea to add "+ AMD graphics driver issue" to the thread title, to cover both solutions achieved, but maybe such an alteration will not be possible.

    Anyway, cheers!
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