Windows-as-a-service fail: Microsoft keeps customers in the dark  

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    Windows is a service, it's the same as any other free and/or paid services, OS, software, etc. Nowadays, when pretty much every service and software have "call-home", "license verification", "auto-update" and "telemetry" functions baked in to the solution, Windows 10 is not that much different from others. Updates for other solutions tends to be less dramatic, but on the same token, these solutions have much less market share and their hiccups aren't as visible as Microsoft's.

    I dislike it just as much as anyone else, but we live in a "SaaS world...
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    hello10 said:
    After all these years with Windows, sometimes I suspect voluntarily staying with it is a kind of fetish. Something like an addiction to problem solving or troubleshooting, albeit complaining about the life all the time.

    It's not fetish that causes people to run Windows, it's applications. It always had been and always will be.

    hello10 said:
    This reminds me of something I read comparing Android and iOS as houses you choose to live in. I don't remember the exact wordings, but it went like the iOS is a house that comes with everything built-in. Everything looks good and works, but you're forbidden to make changes. On the other hand, Android comes devoid of almost everything. You choose the things you want to put inside and make the necessary changes yourself. It more or less describes the kind of people who, in my impression, pick one over the other. Now, guess. Am I an Android or iOS person?

    There's really not that much difference between iOS and Android, maybe you should read a little more:

    Google’s iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary | Ars Technica
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    They are trying to put way too much stuff in one OS. Every employee at MS should take a Public Relations course on how to keep your customers aware. A customer that is aware of what is coming is a happy customer. If they have another build released like 1809 was, many will leave. I like Windows for the gaming and such but if all I did was Browse the Net and Social media, I would use Linux.
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    Looks to me like 10's a service
    Can't say I see anything free about it one does pay for the os in one way or another the original qualifying upgraded os had value now even more than 10's valued at since they are rare

    Fail wise MS does have the feedback hub so have at it for complaints MS listens right.
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    Windows 10 IoT

    At some point I can see a Pay as you go version of Windows. Windows 365 if you will. I personally don't see the buy once option going away though. Not for those that already have a Digital License.
    If you throw in some perks or bonuses "some" people will buy into a subscription version. More One Drive storage space, or multiple licences for multiple devices. A family plan if you will. Etc.
    I use OneDrive, but the basic free space is limiting. And I'm not paying extra just to get extra space. I'll just make do with what I have.
    I currently get Windows 10 for free via MY Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription. I don't see me paying for a subscription version any time soon. My installs will all still be licensed when my Visual studio subscription runs out.
    Same deal for my Office 2019 Pro installs, no real need for me to want to switch to Office 365. The only down side is I will stay on Office 2019, it won't upgrade to the next new version like Office 365 does. I'm fine with that though.
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    Onedrive is a good example
    Once was very generous as a free account was really high storage 25gb's if memory serves then MS doubled that
    Then made people redeem or is disappeared "I didn't get a redeem notice" so it went back to 25gb's I believe then again decreased to I don't remember what it is now I really don't care
    But a example of give it and take away
    If I actually was using all of the original 25gb's I would of either lost the storage or had to pay for it
    This is what apps will turn into
    Pay for it or loose it which is perfect except for the os it's self.
    But just like the limit on support for builds like 1607-1709 they will go out of support just like win-8/ win-7....
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    Windows 10 IoT

    I have 5GB of free storage. With Office 365 I do believe that goes up to 1 tetrabyte. I had a free Office 365 subscription as part of the perks of being a Microsoft MVP. It was Onedrive for Buisness though. It ended up being a bit of a pain to setup and use. And the one thing I really wanted it for was my XBOX. But my XBOX couldn't see it, it would only look for the OneDrive tied to my Microsoft ID. I've since lost it anyway as I resigned from the MVP program.
    About all I use OneDrive for is to upload pictures so I can easily post links to them on forums. And some python files I don't mind sharing.
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