The Snap function doesn't work correctly after a window get saved in half screen edge snap. I don't if my upgrade when wrong or there' an actual bug with it. It works normally on a new user Account but it'll breaks the same way. Can someone here try to replicate this?

Basically I want you guys to open something other than Microsoft Edge or file explorer and Snap it to one side then log off. It should save and restore the size and position you left it in. I used firefox. It has to restore a window snapped to the edge when you open it. If it doesn't try a different app and log off and on until you do. Once an app restores a window snapped to edge try to snap it away from the edge. I had Firefox restores it snap to the right side. I tried snap it left but it doesn't work.

I found it could start near the edge but not flushed. I want you to vertical snap and expand more half the screen and flush to the edge. Try to snap it back to the edge. What happens? It should snap back half the screen. For me it just undo the vertical snap.