.csv Format And Notepad Question ?

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    .csv Format And Notepad Question ?


    I have a radio control programs that uses files copied from various sources
    to control a sw radio.

    But, these files must be in .csv format.

    (perhaps I should be saying that the data in the file must be in .csv format)

    Let's say I have done a COPY from a web source that has fields like Station, Frequency, Time...etc.

    I tried pasting into Notepad, but cannot come up with how to Save this file as a .csv

    It's apparently doable, as I have several very old files that the program uses just fine,
    and are apparently Notebook files.

    The files have a .txt extension on their name,
    but are obvious .csv formatted, as they have all the commas or semicolons
    between Station, Frequency, etc. fields..

    Can anyone please guide me thru this, and how to csv "format" data that has been Pasted/Saved into Notepad ?

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    Hi to save as a CSV (or any other file type) you need to use a program that offers to save as that file type.

    An example is a spreadsheet program.

    Easy to find lists of freeware that handle the format e.g.
    30 Best Free CSV Editor Software For Windows

    (search for e.g.
    free editor csv files
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    Great. Thanks so much for taking the
    time to hel me.

    Any way of using Noepad ?

    Funny, the very old files that work seem
    to be Notepad files. They are formatted correctly, and have a .txt
    name extension. (shouldn’t it be .csv ?)

    Thanks again,
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    If the text you copied into Notepad already appears correctly formatted and you want to save it as a CSV file, have you just tried changing its extension in file explorer ? ( Or when you save it, give it the name you want and enclose the name in Quotes and it will save it as say "test.csv" ).
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    You can open the csv file in Notepad, save it as txt, and change the extension.

    Note- you will need extensions visible-
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    What I Paste into Notepad now, has no
    commas or semicolons. Just space between the
    fields I copied and put into.

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    If the fields of the copied data are separated by space only, you would be best helped by a speciaI csv editor which allows you to manipulate and review your data and save it exactly as you need it. (The other alternative of search and replace with commas, space, quotes etc can get a bit cumbersome in notepad).

    For a free editor try one of those referenced by dalchina above.

    ps: For clarification, are you saying that the source data is properly formatted with commas, quotes etc. but the copying into Notepad is removing those commas, quotes etc ?
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    Agreed - if formatting is not adequately maintained, forget notepad. It's not intended for that.
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    Hi All,

    Just a quick thanks for all the suggestions.
    will try them. Appreciate help very much.

    BTW: For Das 10: yes, the data is all in notepad, but no commas or semicolons. Just blank spaces between the fields.

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    Robert11 said:
    What I Paste into Notepad now, has no commas or semicolons. Just space between the fields I copied and put into.
    Usually a table copied from (say) a web page has tabs rather than spaces separating the fields. If so, you could just save as a .tsv rather than a .csv.

    But if you really need a .csv, with a little effort I find that a .tsv can be reformatted to csv in notepad using 'Replace all'. The problem is that you can't type a Tab into the 'Find what:' box. The solution is to select and copy a tab from the text. You can paste a tab into 'Find what:', type a comma in the' Replace with:' box, then click 'Replace All'.

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