Windows 10 freezes randomly

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  1.    27 Aug 2015 #61

    yes, but I also set my swapfile to a fixed size of 8 gigabyte and turned off the windows ready boot service (as it showed warnings in event log) (only swapfile and ready boot didn't solve the problem before)
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  2.    27 Aug 2015 #62

    alexat said: View Post
    yes, but I also set my swapfile to a fixed size of 8 gigabyte and turned off the windows ready boot service (as it showed warnings in event log) (only swapfile and ready boot didn't solve the problem before)
    Thanks, I'll uninstall Acronis True Image 2014 this evening and see what happens. I can always restore images using boot disk. Acronis True Image 2016 is working fine without issues?
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  3.    27 Aug 2015 #63

    Made an account solely for this thread.

    Running a build with windows 10, AMD FX-8320 with G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB DDR3, HDD and Asus Mobo.

    Just updated Kaspersky last night, after realizing that I could uninstall and not remove my license (still have another 90 days on it).

    Not even two minutes into using Microsoft Edge, and another lockup.

    There isn't an error logged at all for the lockup. The only errors and warnings come after the hard reset.

    Strangest matter, at least for me, it seems to only be occurring when I'm browsing the internet. Whether Edge or Chrome, it's almost a certainty for pages with what appears to be a lot of ads.
    I didn't have any issues with the windows 10 installation, nor any other programs causing this issue.
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  4.    27 Aug 2015 #64

    greshoff said: View Post
    Thanks, I'll uninstall Acronis True Image 2014 this evening and see what happens. I can always restore images using boot disk. Acronis True Image 2016 is working fine without issues?
    yes the whole system works 100% stable with acronis true image 2016 for several days now...
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  5.    27 Aug 2015 #65

    alexat said: View Post
    yes the whole system works 100% stable with acronis true image 2016 for several days now...
    I forgot to mention, that I also upgraded Kaspersky Anti Virus to the latest version, maybe this solved the problem either...
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  6.    27 Aug 2015 #66

    I have neither Acronis nor Kaspersky

    ( no SSD either )
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  7.    27 Aug 2015 #67

    @ChefChaudart: have you installed the latest asus win 10 chipset drivers?
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  8. Posts : 25
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
       27 Aug 2015 #68

    OK, guys, my two cents about freezes (all possible checks are listed below). My Windows 10 has been running smoothly, but freezes sometimes when I run Vuze. Unistalled vuze and replaced with bittorrent. No problems so far. No blue screen events either.

    Here is the list of Windows 10 checks for freeze problems:

    1) Make a clean install, not an upgrade. After clean installation of Win10 (weirdly enough) some system files are corrupted (happened to me two times).
    Launch Windows Command Prompt as admin and run this command: sfc /scannow
    If this system file check cannot fix some problems, search the internet or ask a question on relevant message boards.

    2) Are you using Windows 10 32-bit? Bad idea, 64-bit is faster and is tested more thoroughly by Microsoft (because 32 bits will be abandoned in the near future). Switch to 64-bit Windows 10 if you can.

    3) Hardware: Do you have enough RAM? Whatever Microsoft says about system requirements, my sincere belief is that each new version of Windows requires a better CPU, more RAM, a better video card, or all of the above. 2GB of RAM is the bare minimum, 4GB is better. Consider installing a solid state disk (100 to 200 GB) as a master drive where you install only Windows and key software. Place data and less essential programs on a large regular hard drive (rotating type). An SSD is based on flash memory (not a rotating disk) and therefore speeds up Windows start up (and operation) and program launch manyfold. I don't remember statisitics, but my own impression is that an SSD drive is 4- to 10-fold faster than a rotating hard drive.
    Video card: do you use the limited capabilities of the CPU instead of a video card? Consider installing a video card to speed up your system.

    4) Update all drivers, using free special software. Many of these programs are bad (e.g., DriverEasy) and show outdated drivers as up-to-date. I recommend free programs Driver Booster 2 and DriverMax (use both).

    5) Check if your antivirus has the latest version after Win10 release (not an update, a new version has to be installed, for example, Kasperky 16 instead of Kaspersky 15). If you are using any system utilities, check if new versions were released after Win10.

    6) If you are using a separate SSD disk for Windows (and a regular rotary hard drive for data), then check if the file pagefile.sys is on your SSD disk. If it got moved to the rotary hard drive (which gets turned off after 15 min of inactivity), then go to system settings and disable automatic allocation of the page file size and set it to your SSD disk at about the half your RAM size or at 2GB if you wish.

    7) Check the drive where Windows 10 is installed for errors (right click, "tools" tab or "utilities", scan for errors).

    8) After the computer froze (and you reboot the hard way), go to Control panel --> Security and Maintenance --> Maintenance --> View Reliability history. This is the Windows Reliability Monitor. There, under "critical events" you will find "Windows stopped working". You can review other concomitant events there to investigate. More detailed analysis can be performed in Event Viewer (Control Panel --> Administrative tools).

    9) Check the settings of your antivirus software. Try disabling real-time protection or real-time monitoring of the system (can be called "monitoring of activity") and see if it helps. Try to disable the scan of every launched program and see if it helps. One bad feature of antivirus programs is that they are set by default to check all system files (or all files) every week or even everyday. By default, Kaspersky searches system files for rootkits every day and launches a full system scan when the system is idle. I have seen several cases when an antivirus damaged a system file: repeated reading of a file everyday can damage it, especially if we are talking about rotary hard drives. Turn off these features and schedule one quick scan per month instead. Make sure that the antivirus monitors your web browser if you are visiting questionable websites. An SSD drive will also solve this problem of repeated-access damage because it is based on flash memory not on a rotating magnetic disk. Another problem is that every new version of your antivirus software requires more hardware resources and will slow down your computer little by little every year and may cause freezing. See the hardware section (point #3) above.
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  9.    27 Aug 2015 #69

    Here is how you find what made your PC freeze.

    Windows has a system log that records events.
    From the start menu (after you restart the machine) type " Event Viewer "
    Scroll to the time your PC had its freeze. Mostly in Application & System ... but id does not harm to look at the others.

    bad events will usually have a red icon next to it.

    For me I found it to be Event Viewer-->Application

       C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub_17.6106.23501.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\OHub.exe 
    Looks like Office Hub App is causing the problem for me.... not sure how to remove it but what I did is go to System-->Apps & Features ..... typed office and found a program called GetOffice...

    I removed it and waiting to see if my PC will freeze again.

    I will keep you updated. :)

    Click image for larger version. 

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  10.    27 Aug 2015 #70

    Did the same earlier, now its just the wait and see test.

    However, I didn't see Get Office involved in every past lockup. I even reinstalled the windows 10 lan driver for my mobo, since it's only occuring, for me, while browsing the internet.
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