Windows 10 freezes randomly

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  1.    04 Aug 2016 #631

    I fix it after restart explorer.exe
    and I installed graphics drivers
    after windows updated it stopped happening
    I updated to 14393.10
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  2.    06 Aug 2016 #632

    Have 4 computers 2 had 8.1 p reinstalled when upgraded to windows 10,the others had 10 p reinstalled, the 2 with 8.1 freeze the other 2 do not when anniversary upgrade installed,this needs investigating ,people on this thread talk about going back to 8.1,microsoft knows this I told the
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    Windows 10 up-to-date
       06 Aug 2016 #633

    See, mine was only happening when using RDC today, happened twice. The reason I know this was the culprit is because when I logged on to the machine that I was remoting into, to see if I could RDP back into my machine (thinking it might be periphials for some reason) As soon as it was disconnected, the CTRL ALT DEL took effect.
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    windows 10 with AU
       14 Aug 2016 #634
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  5.    17 Aug 2016 #635


    Hello everyone, i registered just so i can post the my findings about this freezing problem on windows 10.

    a little bit about what i tried to fix the issue.
    1. drivers.
    2. all the suggestions on the forums
    3. no acronis.
    4. no antivirus.

    it was driving me nuts. but i did notice one thing that's common to alot of the people here is the fact that we have an asus mobo, it got me thinking deeper, eventually what i did was update bios but that didn't help, then i decided to try to play with the bios settings and well 48 hours without any freezing, what i disabled was asuses OC thing, disable any type of automatic cpu or dram adjustments so it only works on what i specified so it doesn't change any voltage or clock speed.
    that seems so far working.
    i hope this helps people
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  6.    17 Aug 2016 #636

    kimak said: View Post
    Can you please post steps and a picture of where you want to disable it
    basically go into bios and disable under advanced setting anything that has to do with boost/ai overclocking etc. make everything manual and default. so that there will be no voltage or clock speed change by the system without you doing it. AI boost it's called i think kinda hard to screenshot bios.
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    Windows 10 64-bit (Home)
       18 Aug 2016 #637

    Araneus said: View Post
    AI boost it's called i think kinda hard to screenshot bios.
    Disclaimer: I'm not sure exactly what you mean about it being hard to ss in bios.

    I have an Asus 170 Pro Gaming. With a USB flash drive inserted, pressing F12 will print the screen and let me choose to save it to the USB.

    After updating to the anniversary update a week ago (about 4 days after its initial release) I haven't experienced any hangs. They'd been haunting me for over half a year...

    Just in case, I, like Kimak, would appreciate it if you could post a screenshot about the exact setting you're talking about. I had the AI boost setting set to manual the whole time when I was getting hangs. There're other settings here and there (i.e., CPU SVID) with help text like "*(disable) this if you are overclocking".

    Regardless, thanks a lot for posting a potential fix!
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  8. Posts : 36
    Windows 10 64-bit (Home)
       19 Aug 2016 #638

    I disabled it last night and noticed an old issue I was having with this mobo reemerge.
    The issue is this.

    If I turn the PC on from a powered off state (not from a reset once it has booted), the PC will power on for a few seconds and then turn off before getting to POST. 2 seconds after that it'll turn on and be good as gold.

    I don't recall messing with CPU SVID when I first got my machine. A couple bios updates later when trying to muck with overclocks, that power-on reset got fixed. Must have been set to Auto automatically via bios update, or maybe I set it like (don't remember).

    Either way, around the time that issue got resolved I was running into these "random" hangs (primarily while playing games).

    I'll post back here if I get a hang with CPU SVID set to disabled.
    Last edited by HansW; 19 Aug 2016 at 22:45. Reason: Removed statements unrelated to topic
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  9.    19 Aug 2016 #639

    MS has released a tool to help with this problem. Though it is still in test, it might be worth trying out for those fighting freezes. See my blog post for a download link and more information: "Windows Self-Healing Tool in Test."
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  10.    20 Aug 2016 #640

    My solution to random freezes

    After July upgrade, random freezes seemed to occur when using Web pages with lots of drag-n-drop action. It occurred to me that my desktop has a USB Bluetooth adapter for my wireless mouse.

    I removed the USB adapter and replaced it with a wired USB mouse.

    The freezes have not recurred. So i deduce that the USB Bluetooth HID driver is implicated. It's not a Microsoft driver, so naturally it is highly suspected.
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