Windows 10 freezes randomly

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    Win 10 Pro v1511
       11 Jun 2016 #591

    TestingW10 said: View Post
    Like many others I am having random freezing that only removing the power will enable the computer to be re-started. I had been running Windows 7 Professional with all the latest updates for some time without a single problem.
    I have tried to upgrade to Windows 10 dozens of times, each time it works for a short while then starts to randomly lock up. My method of restoring to Windows 7 is to keep it and all my programs on a Hard Drive. I then disconnect the SSD, connect the hard drive and check for Windows and other Updates. I then re-connect the SSD, format it and clone the Hard drive to it. I then remove the hard drive. I run the computer for a few hours to see that all is stable then upgraded to Windows10. This does not go 100% smoothly as it reaches the ‘Welcome! Screen’ with the ‘next button’ in the bottom left hand corner – which has no effect and the only way is to switch the power off and re-start. Windows 10 then appears to work quickly until it starts to lock up. I’m getting to the point to reverting to Windows 7 permanently. Please can anyone help!
    I have triedsfc \scannow – plus most of the other ideas no effect.
    My systemis:
    Mother Board Gigabyte: H81M-S2PV
    Processor:Intel Core i3 4170 3.7GHz.
    Crucialmemory 8GB (only 4 GB used as 32 bit programs in use)
    GraphicsCard: Gigabyte R5 230 1GB DDR3 VGA Dual Link DVI HDMI PCI-E
    Crucial250GB SSD and no hard drive at the moment.
    LiteOn iHAS124 24X Internal DVD Writer with SATA.
    No other peripherals.
    I have two other computers, one with a Gigabyte motherboard and an ancient Compaq laptop both of which updated without a hitch and haven ever frozen or anything!
    Forget about the upgrade method if you've upgraded once already. After upgrading once, subsequent fresh Win 10 installs will be activated by hardware ID, as long as you haven't made any hardware changes. If you are using the same hardware that you used for the first upgrade - in this case the install SSD that you used to upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10 the first time - then just wipe that SSD. Repartition i, or merge partitions if there are other tiny partitions created, Format NTFS, MBR Primary - so you've wiped it clean. You mention that you have your Win 7 backed up on an HDD. So you lose nothing if you don't like the change.

    Make sure you have all your current motherboard drivers. Here are the Win 10 drivers for the Gigabyte H81M-S2PV
    GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1150 - GA-H81M-S2PV (rev. 1.0)

    Then go to MS and download the Media Creation Tool. Windows 10

    Run it from your other machine and choose to install to another machine, and create either a USB or DVD install disk - it will be a fresh ISO install of Win 10. Also I'm assuming if you've upgraded your other two machines that you know which version of Win 10 you are selecting based on your Win 7 versions.

    Plug your computer in via Ethernet. Plug the newly created install USB or DVD into your computer with the freshly formatted wiped SSD, and boot it. Tap f8 to access the boot menu and select the NON UEFI install on the USB or DVD- that's important. It will show two copies on the DVD or USB - select the one that does not say EFI. Boot to that, follow the prompts to install and when it gets to asking for a product \ activation key skip it or say you have none , or whatever it asks (can't remember, but just say no\skip that and continue. It will allow you to do that no problem). Continue with the install. On the installs first reboot, be sure to catch it and pull the USB or DVD, or else you'll be stuck in an install loop. Personally I'd choose the DVD method as there have been fewer slow boot related problems post install.

    As soon as the install finishes, Win 10 should auto-detect your LAN drivers, and if it does and you're connected, it will auto detect your hardware and immediately activate. If it can't connect you need to install the motherboard's LAN \ Ethernet drivers. Once connected, Windows will automatically activate based on Hardware ID.

    I've done this three times already on three machines. Most people aren't aware that after you've upgraded once, even if you've upgrade from an OEM version of Win 7, you don't need to keep installing via the upgrade option, as long as you are using the same hardware that you upgraded with the first time. Subsequent installs on that same machine do not need to use the upgrade method. It is this way before July 29th or after July 29th. You could install via upgrade to get the free upgrade, then wipe and re-install Win 7 and choose to go back to Win 10 in a year. As long as the hardware is exactly the same, Win 10 will auto activate after install. No install key necessary in those scenarios.

    A clean install is the best way to prevent any problems that would be occurring form cloning your Win 7 OS on the HDD over to the SSD - a bad idea to begin with even if you were only using it to still run Win 7.

    This clean install method should resolve the problems.
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       17 Jun 2016 #592

    wasserfall said: View Post
    My issues (3 up to 25 freezes a week) seem to be completely gone, since I followed aLca's suggestion three weeks ago. His suggestion: "Disable dynamic processor ticks" - can be found on page 58.
    Q: Anyone else success with that?
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  3.    28 Jun 2016 #593

    I found the solution to my freezing issues. I tried everything you suggested but nothing worked, so i started thinking maybe its the hardware thats causing the problem not any driver related bug. As i started to switch out ram sticks to see if one of them was faulty i noticed my case fans were spinning(very slowly) even when i unpluged the power cord from my psu!!? Since the only thing that was connected to the pc that could transmit power was usb devices i started pluging out devices until i found the culprit. I couldnt believe what was actually going on. A usb 3.0 hub with seperate power supply was sending current to my motherboard through usb messing up my board. Since I disconnected the hub no more freezing!! I can only hope no damage was done to my motherboard. The usb hub is from a Z1 pro desk mount monitor arm.
    Mbo: 870extreme 3 rev1
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  4.    29 Jun 2016 #594

    Hi, probably most of you dont have this situation, my problem was i have 2 monitors and 1 of them was off so it seemed freezed because all the things i was opening was showing on the other monitor, so i repair it by putting show the same in the two displays. Sorry for my bad english, hope it serves.
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  5.    01 Jul 2016 #595

    wasserfall said: View Post
    Q: Anyone else success with that?
    No results for me - if anything it got worse.

    Mine is still freezing regularly. I had none of these issues with 8.1 - I'm really hoping there is a real solution out there. Perhaps even a hotfix at some point.
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       01 Jul 2016 #596

    Same here - no issues with 8.1.

    But not a single freeze since I disabled dynamic processor ticks weeks ago.
    So this issues seem to have different and/or multiple reasons, doesn't make things easier.
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  7.    05 Jul 2016 #597


    I have the exact same issue on a
    Dell XPS 630i desktop
    Intel Core2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00ghz o/c 3.83ghz
    8gb Crucial DDR2 Ram
    500gb SATA Hitachi HD
    500gb SATA Western Digital Caviar Black
    MSI Geforce GTX 960 OC 2gb
    Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Sound Card
    TP-Link TL-WN722n Wireless Adapter

    Everything worked fine under Window 7 Home 64 bit, did an upgrade to Win 10 64 bit and started having the freezes. Sometimes I may get 5-6 a day might be sitting at my desktop, playing a game, seems totally random, or I may go a few days without getting a single crash. It just seems completely random. I was running the 2 Hard drives in a Raid 0 array but i disabled that and did a clean install on the WD drive a week ago it still happens. The video card is brand new like 3days old, I thought it may be the issue b/c I had an older 650ti in prior so I bought the 960 to see if that was the issue. I've run Memtest86+ and no errors. I tried disabling the soundcard b/c when the freezes occur you can still hear the sound until it just completely stops altogether nothing seems to help. I'm almost to the point of reinstalling Win7 and saying goodbye to Win10.
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  8.    05 Jul 2016 #598

    aLca said: View Post
    Hey guys,

    Short Story: Installed W10 on a kinda old Laptop (MSI CX500). And guess what, had the same issue as alot of u guys here.

    Like the most here, tested, tweaked, and what else my fingers wound - nothing would help. But for now, i might have found a Solution. It might not work for all u guys, but im sure, that it will help alot guys here.

    Attachment 79453

    This was the way how i was getting rid of the random freezes. As for now, my Laptop has almost 7 hours uptime with out any issue. (Try'd to force it by the apps where it would occour by 100%)

    Have Fun.
    Thanks aLca!
    This seems to work for my random freezes as well :). Everything works like a charm since I disabled the Dynamic Processor Ticks.
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  9.    06 Jul 2016 #599

    Hi guys, i have the same issue as all off you (up to page 20) i really don't have the time to go through the complete thread (60 pg.) is there maybe a tutorial with all possible solutions that people who have had the problem, reported that worked for them?


    p.s. i see here on the last thread acronis 2014 as maybe being the problem, i have it installed on my system will do a restore to check if that is the source, of the problem.
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  10.    07 Jul 2016 #600

    I had similar problem. My computer was freezing randomly and I had to do a hard reset every time. I finaly found a solution for my problem. The freezes were caused by Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter driver. This video worked for me:

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