Windows 10 freezes randomly

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  1.    17 Sep 2015 #121

    Seems to work fine for me now. Running for bout a day now. My Graphics was the culprit. Disabled my Nvidia and using Intel HD now. Spec: Gigabyte ultrabook. Core i5, 128gb mSATA SSD, 1tb HDD, 16gb ram, Nvidia 640m gpu. I tried every solution in this thread didn't work, system froze past login screen or got blank screen after windows boot logo. Whenever I tried installing Nvidia drivers, system froze. So I tried disabling in device manager and works fine now. I hope Microsoft fixes this soon, I use a lot of Adobe suite apps that need gpu.
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       17 Sep 2015 #122

    Keepoman said: View Post
    Hi! I have been getting these random freezes a couple of times now which locks up the entire system and forces me to do a hard restart and i have tried EVERYTHING to resolve it, but no luck. I tried updating all drivers to the newest, did a sfc /scannow which repaired all the corrupt files, firmware update of HDD and defragging the HDD.
    I know there is nothing wrong with my hardware because this ONLY happens in Windows 10 and not in Windows 8.1. This is the 2nd time i'm installing Windows 10 to see if the issue was resolved somehow, but nope. Also tried with a upgrade and with a clean install 2 times.

    Does anyone have any tips or fixes for this? It's really starting to drive me crazy..[/QUO

    I'm sorry to say I have no tips or fixes for you. Since upgrading to windows 10 I've had problems with my computer randomly freezing up...lots of times when I'm trying to view a video. I have to hard reboot every time. I've been in "CHAT" with Microsoft for over 3 hours in two separate calls, with the trying this and trying that, yet the problem is still there. I will have to call yet again. I'm ready to go back to 8.1. Although I hate 8.1, it sure didnt give me these kinds of troubles!
    I have installed windows 10 3 times on my main computer. Each time it performs well for a day or two, then starts freezing, and Microsoft 2013 programs also begin to 'not respond' and hand for several minutes. I decided that I could not live with this since this is my main work computer, so I am now back on the 8.1 Pro page again. I think there is so much to like about Windows 10, and I will continue to be a insider, but I cannot work with a computer that is not reliable! The same computer has Windows 10 insider edition installed on it and I have no problems. So the hardware is the same, the difference is I have many software programs on Windows 8.1 that may be problematic for Windows 10! I hope in a month or two I will be able to go back to Windows 10 when some additional problems are resolved. For those of you who have great success and find it 'work-able' with you day-to-day chores, KUDOS.
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  3.    21 Sep 2015 #123


    Same for me

    At least, procedure to go back works like a charm
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  4.    22 Sep 2015 #124

    Try to plug out any USB devices you have and then plug them back in. It sounds weird but I had similar problems on two machines with different USB devices and both times it helped.
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  5.    22 Sep 2015 #125

    You should try an installation repair. In other words do another Win 10 upgrade over the Win 10 installation. ( It fixed several other problems I had)
    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums

    Unplug all usb devices. Expansion boards. etc.

    After the upgrade plug in each usb item and see if it freezes. If it does, it's probably that devices driver.
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  6.    22 Sep 2015 #126

    I have been working on a pc all day. Finally figured it out to be a bios update. Updated bios and all is great now. Mine was freezing on a clean start but not on a restart
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  7.    23 Sep 2015 #127

    My windows started to hang right after I've installed Acronis True Image
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  8.    23 Sep 2015 #128

    I've found out, that it happens right after I've installed Acronis True Image. If I disable acronis services windows works properly.
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  9.    25 Sep 2015 #129

    Good day fellow members, I too have joined the club.

    After reading and trying almost every suggestion in this thread I am still freezing in infinite glory.

    As I don't feel like going back to Win 7 and I am adamant on staying with Win 10, I will be trying a reset later. A simple (yet lengthy) Reset This Pc along with zeroing my hard drive thereby removing all my files and apps, in essence a clean install (which is what I should have done in the first place) and hopefully that solves it. My freezing started happening 2 days ago and it was quite aggressive. Prior to that, I have had Win 10 for almost a month and it was perfect! No freezing or errors whatsoever.

    I believe my freezing problem is a result from some applications I have recently installed, like google chrome and Firefox for example, both were installed 4-5 day's prior and both were uninstalled after the freezing began. Then I thought skype was causing issues as it froze when I started skype up thus I removed that too and the problem was still there. This morning I had enough. I will do the rest and hopefully it will fix everything.

    I will post a reply here once I have done the reset and installed all my needed applications (barring firefox and chrome).

    Best regards
    A fellow freezing friend.

    P.s I have never installed nor made use of Acronis True Image and when I did uninstalls I made sure to remove all files related to that app/program.

    Edit: Problem persisted still. Using my repair disc I made of my Win 7 and the Image and going back to a system that was stable.

    I liked Win 10, but I need my pc to be stable. Good luck to everyone who is still sitting with this issue.
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    brownie4d said: View Post
    I have been working on a pc all day. Finally figured it out to be a bios update. Updated bios and all is great now. Mine was freezing on a clean start but not on a restart
    I have an ASUS K40IN laptop. I have upgraded it from Windows 7 Home to Windows 10 Home and it started to hang randomly. I have also tried a fresh install too. Anyway, when I reverted the display adapter driver to older WHQL driver it became a random restarts. I have tried all solutions/suggestions in this forum and also others but all failed.

    The random hang/restart is really frustrating so I decided to updated the bios (heard is risky updating bios) before revert it back to Win 7. After the update, the hang/restart seems no more! I will let it run to see if is really OK.

    One thing I observed is that the HDD led now is flashing lightly all the time and seems like that in Win 7. I think before the bios update it is not. Not sure what it is doing but it resolved the problem.
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