Windows 10 freezes randomly

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  1.    04 Sep 2015 #101

    Yes, I will!

    No freeze anymore...
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  2.    04 Sep 2015 #102

    2 days and no freeze yet, sounds good :)
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  3.    05 Sep 2015 #103

    Micboule said: View Post
    2 days and no freeze yet, sounds good :)
    Thanks for the update - good to hear
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  4.    05 Sep 2015 #104

    I made an account so I could post my fix and express my thanks to all that posted on this forum!
    I had horrible consistent crashing which would happen after about 5-10 minutes of inactivity, while downloading a large file, and occasionally when restarting (even after turning off quick boot). Something to note, my freezes left the mouse functional, so I could move the mouse around, but not click on or interact with anything.
    The only two things I had to do to fix it was:
    1. Adjust my page file to 8GB for my main SSD and remove the page file for my secondary HDD
    2. Uninstall Acronis 2014

    Like most people it seems on this forum, I had upgraded to an SSD and used Acronis to transfer my system. I have no further use for it, so, uninstalling was an easy choice. I DID NOT reinstall windows after doing this.

    Since then, I've restarted numerous times, left the computer on (idle) for days, and downloaded several large files all without any freezing! I can finally enjoy Windows 10. Which is awesome, finally an operating system from windows which isn't total garbage!

    Thank you everyone!
    Last edited by Havoc; 08 Sep 2015 at 06:16.
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  5.    07 Sep 2015 #105

    No problem anymore for me.

    It's solved :)
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  6.    07 Sep 2015 #106

    alexat said: View Post
    Asus P8-Z77-V
    Nvidia Gforce GTX 770
    Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium HD
    2x SATA SSD
    1x SATA HDD
    1x DVD-RAM
    I notice the Asus P8-Z77-V has integrated graphics and Realtek sound. Might try uninstalling soundblaster driver and card and use the built-in Realtek sound. Also try that uninstalling the Nvidia card and use the integrated graphics.
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  7.    08 Sep 2015 #107


    I have Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H motherboard
    EVGA Geforce GTX 760
    Intel i5 4690.
    Seagate 500Gb HDD

    I ran into this freezing problem soon after a fresh install windows 10 home. After about 30 minutes the computer would freeze and the keyboard and mouse no longer respond. A hard reset most of the time will not even get to the desktop before freezing. At first I thought it was a specific program I was installing. First it was hearthstone, then it was firefox, then I realized whatever I do the machine will eventually go into the frozen state.

    After 5 or 6 installs on 2 new HDs, I finally came to a work-around that makes this problem go away. This is not a permanent solution though, and I think Microsoft dropped the ball here.

    I installed with the ethernet cable unplugged with a disc, and I was able to get to the desktop without much problem. Then I go into Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Services -> Right click on Windows Update and disable.

    After this I plugged the internet cable back in and installed the graphics driver and the printer driver individually. So far it has not frozen in 24 hours. However, if I install all the drivers from the disc that come with the motherboard, I get the freezing behavior again and the only way to fix it is through a clean install. I think one of the driver updates broke the OS.

    So it's best to assume that chances are at some point some update is going to break something and if it's this severe the only thing to do is to re-image the system. The take-away from this is to always backup the machine.

    Let me know if this help solves the issue for anybody else.
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  8.    09 Sep 2015 #108

    I've still got freezing problem. I've got MBP 2012 with 16 Gb RAM and 500 Gb SSD. Windows 10 runs with all the updates, got the latest stable NVIDIA driver (355), running on High Performance mode. System freezes 5-7 times a day. Got no Acronis, F.Lux on my PC.

    During all the freezes music is still playing in my speakers.
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  9.    09 Sep 2015 #109

    zvoice, have you tried adjusting your swap file settings? Make sure you actually have one for your main drive. Mine was fixed when I set it manually to 8 GB (and uninstalled Acronis, but because you don't have that...), "System managed size" did not seem to do it for me. The page below describes how to do it. It suggests moving the swap file to another drive, but mine worked when the operating system and swap file were on the same drive.

    Edited since your quote
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  10.    09 Sep 2015 #110

    Havoc said: View Post
    zvoice, have you tried adjusting your swap file settings? Make sure you actually have one for your main drive. Mine was fixed when I set it to 8 GB, automatic did not seem to do it for me.
    I'll try it. Thanks for the suggestion.
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