Windows 10: Start menu Personalization Disabled Solved

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  1.    19 Aug 2015 #31

    I've done 4 upgrades and a couple of clean installs after that, No issues worth talking about for me.
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    windows 10 fully updated
       25 Aug 2015 #32

    can some one tell me whats going on here lol i try to enter these and im told they are not commands by the cmd yes its admin opened :retracted: ok i was unaware the cd and ren were part of it being unbolded sorry my ignorance i guess no one elses
    in addition : it did indeed work like a charm TYVM
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  3.    30 Aug 2015 #33

    Glad the fixed work but isn't Microsoft providing a fix or update for these problems
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  4.    06 Sep 2015 #34

    I tried the fixes but they didn't work ------ at first.

    BUT while copying the shortcuts after recreating the "Start Menu Places" folder I noticed the names had a number in front of them that vanished when the copying was over, so on a hunch I added the number to the Documents shortcut i.e.


    When I started the "Choose which folders appear on Start" page all the items were un-greyed. I enabled them all and they showed on the start menu (Documents showed as 01-Documents). I then removed the number from the shortcut and everything still worked ok. Rebooted to check and still ok.

    So it looks like the renaming forced some sort of refresh.

    Just thought I'd add my experience to this thread.
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  5.    11 Sep 2015 #35

    Simply moving the items in "Start Menu Places" into the recycle bin and restoring them worked for me :P.
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  6.    18 Sep 2015 #36

    YanN509 said: View Post
    Simply moving the items in "Start Menu Places" into the recycle bin and restoring them worked for me :P.
    Absolutely right, that simple move did the trick and all is enabled now.
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  7.    21 Sep 2015 #37

    YanN509 said: View Post
    Simply moving the items in "Start Menu Places" into the recycle bin and restoring them worked for me :P.
    Yes, this did the job! Thanks.........
    I want to elaborate a bit cause I only had this problem reverting from Windows 10 developer upgrades, all my folders for start sceen appearance were greyed out.

    - Go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu Places
    - Delete all files in here to the recycle bin
    - Restore them all to the previous location
    - Restart the pc

    This did the job! Thanks to YanN509! :)
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  8.    25 Sep 2015 #38

    YanN509 said: View Post
    Simply moving the items in "Start Menu Places" into the recycle bin and restoring them worked for me :P.
    YanN, thanks. You should offer yourself as a consultant to Microsoft. Did you stumble across this solution or did you "reason" your way to it? If by reason, please share that with us as it might come in handy for the; next glich.
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  9.    19 Oct 2015 #39

    Hello I tried all solutions provide here but not work with me mine is all grayed even settings. So I tried hard to fix this problem and finally I got it fixed. try this method:
    Before doing any thing CREATE RESTORE POINT if some thing happened you can restore your pc to your created restore point. maybe some start menu pin shortcuts will disappear you can pin your apps later.

    1. Create a new account from (Settings then Family & Other Users then Add Someone else to this PC) and make this account administrator.
    OR Create a new account by CMD
    run cmd as administrator and execute this command net user /add test test is an account name example put any name you want. then execute this command to make this account administrator net localgroup administrators test /add .

    sign out from your original account and sign in to the new account wait until your account created and finished login then sign out again from the new account and sign in to your original account. Do Not Confuse read slowly :).

    in your original account (first show hidden files) then go to (c:\users\<new account created>\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer\Database\) copy file (vedatamodel.edb) to any place better create new folder on c:\anyName\ and copy it there.

    sign out from your original account and then sign in to the new account then go to c:\anyName\ and copy vedatamodel.edb then go to (c:\users\<original account>\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer\Database\)
    rename old vedatamodel.edb to any name then paste copied here.

    5. OK
    now sign out and go to your original account and you will see that all options enabled.

    P.S if some thing happened to your Tile apps do this:
    run PowerShell as administrator.
    paste this command:
    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}
    it will fix all Tile apps.

    if some thing wrong happened restore your system to your created restore point

    Thank you
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  10.    20 Oct 2015 #40

    khronosangel said: View Post
    Finally guys, i got it fixed it and reenabled everything on the start menu customization, although this procedure is long and hassle,
    this is highly recommended for those who dont want to change account (like myself due to app permissions) as a workaround

    1. Run cmd as Administrator, type this 2 commands as follows:

    cd C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows
    ren "Start Menu Places" "Start Menu Places Originals"

    *note: If cant rename the folder, change first the ownership of the folder

    2. then on File Explorer go to "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows"
    3. create a new folder "Start Menu Places"
    4. sign out to your current original account(the one with the start menu settings greyed out), 5
    5. and then sign in to another account(if none create a new one one Settings -> Family & Other Users -> Add Someone else to this PC
    6. now , on the other account, then on File Explorer go to "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu Places Original"
    7. Copy all shortcuts files(Documents, Downloads, Videos and etc.) and Paste it on "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu Places"
    8. Sign out to the account, then login to your original account.
    9. [addtional by wjbodin3], repeat step 6 & 7's copypaste while on your original account, overwriting the files

    and voila!!!!!, Folders on start menu in Settings should be enabled!!!!
    sorry i dont have any screenshots, i will update this post with screenshot later...

    if your logged in to the other account, due to this the shortcut Win+E, may become disabled, and to go to File Explorer,
    just click the File Explorer in the taskbar or right click on it then click any link on the jumplist.
    also, after making the fix, by then you can now delete the other account if you dont need it.
    I found another way that may be a little simpler but may not work for everyone.
    Its pretty much the same as above.
    Enable hidden items, go to "Start Menu Places" like above
    You shouldn't have just regular "Start menus paces" but "Start Menu Places Originals"
    Just rename it and take of the "Originals" part
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