I manually updated my Lenovo desktop (K450E, i7, 16GB Ram with NVIDIA GTX 970 card and 750 watt power supply) using the Media Creation tool. I set it to upload overnight but when I came back to it this morning, the screen didn't respond. I did a hard shutdown and came back to it an hour or so later, started it up, and completed the install. I shut it down again and came back to it a few hours ago and I have not been able to get it to relaunch on any of my HDTV screens (I use televisions, not monitors). It starts with the "Lenovo" screen but then my televisions see "signal not detected" or whatever variation they have of that saying and I'm left with nowhere to go. I get no login, no mouse cursor...it's as if it has completely stopped emitting a signal. I could see this happening with one of my screens, but I've tried three and I've had the same problem on each. I'm at a loss; there's obviously a number of troubleshooting tips I've seen here on the forums, but almost all of them involve being able to access the desktop, control panel, etc, and obviously I can't right now. I have a Lenovo Z50 that I updated last week and it's working great...so frustrating.