I'm using a Samsung NP370R5E-A06UK (http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/model/NP370R5E-A06UK) and currently running Win 7 on it. I want to upgrade to Win 10, but I don't know if all the device drivers will be compatible with it. I really would not want to spend 4 hours of time installing Win 10, only to then find out that the audio doesn't work because the audio driver isn't updated, or that my screen resolution can't go higher than 800 x 600 because the GPU drivers aren't compatible with Win 10.

So is there a way to actually find out whether the drivers have been updated for Win 10? Or is it so that if the drivers are updated for Win 8.1 (which I know they are, because I used to be running that version on this laptop), they should work fine with Win 10 as well?

Also as an aside, does anyone know what on earth is Win 10 Education? Because that's the version I'll be getting since it will be from Dreamspark.