.cfg extension dissappeared

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    .cfg extension dissappeared

    It's strange because it worked for some time ago, don't even know when it stopped to associate with 'em.
    The problem is that I get a "open width" prompt every time I want open a .cfg file. Editing/saving etc. works (using Notepad/Notepad++) but I can't see the icon preview (it's blank white) and no automatic start.

    I can't see the .cfg extension in system settings and associate a program with it manually, and I can't even see this extension in a FileTypesMan program. What to do and how could it happen? Can I add this file extension in some way? I've seen there is such ability in FileTypesMan?

    EDIT: Maybe some one could take a snapshot of .cfg extension in that program for me? I created a .cfg extension manually with this program and it appeared in system settings right away, but it's not possible to associate a program with it... when I choose an app, it refreshes explorer.exe, icons on my desktop flashes once and that's it... still need choose the program to launch with.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    .cfg extension dissappeared-1.jpg
    Hi, that's what I have. Why it's associated with WPS writer I couldn't say.
    Here's one occurrence in the registry:
    .cfg extension dissappeared-2.jpg
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    Mine's undefined, so I also get the open with dialog. I think that's because, by default, there's no app/application association set up for .cfg files. Just checked this on multiple systems (1809 and 1803 Fast Ring/Skippy) and all behave identically.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    I wouldn't have expected it to be a default MS file type either, but I do see a lot of files *.cfg occurring for Cortana. All others seem to be related to things I've installed.

    I see files with a .cfg extension occurring for
    Cortana - a lot
    Install shield
    A few occurrences for some installed progs
    ACD Video Studio
    WPS Office

    So whether it's defined or not would seem to depend on whether something has created it or not. Perhaps uninstalling something has removed it?
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    Windows 11 Pro X64 22H2 22621.1848

    I don't even have .cfg defined. Win 10 Pro at 1809.

    .cfg extension dissappeared-image.png
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    Guys... it worked for me for some time ago, April update. I always install Notepad++ in every fresh Windows install and always associate that type of files (CS GO config file) with that program and all these icon files first updated itself once, and then changed from blank white icon to Notepad green icon and when double click I opened that file without any prompt about asking me what program to use so it worked as any other extension but no more.

    It's not even possible to associate since with these type of files as I told it before. It resets right away. Though there was some other way to fix it.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    1. You need a cfg file extension present in the registry to associate anything with it. See above for ideas, or install a program that actually uses it/ creates the key for that extension.

    2. Control of file type associations and the degree of control afforded is changing with MS moving this control from the Control Panel to Settings.

    3. A program cannot be associated with an extension via the Windows GUI unless it has registered itself to handle that extension, except by specifically browsing to it (via Open With)

    .cfg extension dissappeared-untitled.png
    It resets right away.
    - note the ticked box..

    .cfg extension dissappeared-2.jpg

    4. Notepad++
    File Associations - Notepad++ Wiki
    Associate File Extensions With Specific Languages in Notepad++ - All Things MarkedAll Things Marked

    - some help is posted on associating this.. you'd need to be careful as to its current relevance.

    5. It's not possible to associate a program with an extension from within that program as used to be so e.g. with Win 7.

    You might try a Notepad++ focussed discussion forum- perhaps:
    Notepad++ / Discussion / Forums
    General Discussion | Notepad++ Community
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    I told you clearly that everything was fine just for some week ago and you telling me stuff I already spoke about... I really know how to associate a program to an extension so please, no more advice like that.

    It's not possible to associate anything to the .cfg file extension. It can't be done the normal user way, within explorer. I think it needs registry repair or maybe group policy. I'm on Pro 1803. I have a lot of .cfg files created by Counter-Strike Global Offensive and they proper. Used to double click and every file was opened in Notepad++ as I associated it before, but now I get a prompt to choose a program to run with, I check that little square box and choose Notepad++, every icon on my desktop (as the .cfg files are on desktop) flashes once, looks like update, in the same moment I click on apply. I need to do this every time I run a .cfg file. Associating Notepad++ to .cfg in system settings after I created .cfg extension i FileTypesMan, (which also appeared in system setting because this extension wasn't visible in SS before) does exactly the same, icon flashes but Notepad++ is not instead of the + icon).

    So maybe anyone could take a snapshot of .cfg in registry and in FileTypesMan and upload it for me? I would like try to import them and see the result of it.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    I've done that. Perhaps someone else will do the same. I'll leave you with this- I'm telling you that very clearly, thank you.

    Again and again we advise people to use disk imaging routinely. That lets you restore a previously good working state - without technical help.

    Macrium reflect (free) + external storage.
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    Alright but how does that disk works? Only replace some missing files or re-install the system without touching my files, programs and so one, just like recovering from advanced start? I don't really want to lose my configuration, all scheduled tasks, settings and so one. No way I'm doing it right now, if it so. Can live with it. Not so big problem to be honest as I edit these type of files not to often, but I'd like to have everything work as it should, anyway. Probably an update to 1809 in the near future (planned it to december-januari) will repair it, and probably reset all my settings again =)
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