There is a link between all of them, and after doing tests I think I found a way to make things right. What I did on 2 computers (1 with BIOS and 1 with UEFI). Both have only one SSD. I kept the things as simple as possible. Both are x64 versions of windows the pro version

1) Secure internal erase disk with Parted Magic
2) Install Windows 8.1 offline, in the welcome part I disabled everything, then on the desktop with a local account I plugged internet to activate windows.
3) Immediately ran Windows 10 official ISO from MS. The disk ask for updates, then chose keep nothing then ran the installation.
4) Once on the welcome screen, unplugged internet then chose a local account again with express settings. Once on the desktop then plugged the internet then do all windows updates. The bare minimum and a few reboot just to be sure I was stable. Oh and I did a disk cleanup and removed everything too.
5) Ran "reset PC" kept nothing and clean drive (the "best" option)
6) Repeat #4
7) run sfc -scannow .................. no corruption.

Hurry up and make a disk image! XD

I did this cause I wanted to reproduce the same results on 2 machines. And it worked. For some reason when I upgraded the 1st time I did "dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth" cause I had corrupted files, and to no help, it screwed up the reset PC option... I always look for a method that can be reproduced and I think this one can be. Well, I hope this can help some people...