Battery Backup For Laptop When Power Outage?

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    The generator does need to be outside, so if you don't have a balcony or back deck/porch it would not be an option.
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    Or...If you'd like to get a little exercise ? Pedal Generator Bicycle Like Charger along with a battery and small inverter
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    In all seriousness, whichever battery backup method you choose, you want it to be at 100% capacity when the power goes out. All batteries self discharge some when left just sitting with nothing connected to them. That's why you leave whatever backup system you have plugged in and charging at all times power is available. So that way when power goes out, it is at 100% from the start. Modern battery and charging systems do not degrade the battery by constant charging the way older NiCad battery systems used to.
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    kampap said:
    Nothing wrong in asking lots of questions
    Don't use a gen indoors - too dangerous - exhaust fumes.
    Another idea to think about:
    Additional thoughts:
    A laptop typically uses 50 Watts
    A router: 2 to 20 watts, with 6 watts being average for a wireless router.
    Total= 70 Watts.
    To calculate a battery, add 20% = 84 Watts
    So, to use the you would need a battery source to supply 84 Watts.
    Battery power is specified as Amp Hours (AH).
    84 Watts = approximately 0.35 Amps. (Rough math)
    So, to run for 1 hour you need a battery to be rated at 0.35 AH.
    Smallest deep cell will be around 100 AH, which means you could theoretically run for around 285 hours. But, deep cells (and others) will typically maintain a smooth output for 70% of that, so, realistically = 199 hours.
    A solution for you could be the three items below:

    Charger = 60. Stays connected to a 13 amp socket and battery all the time.
    12V solar panels charging kits for caravans, motorhomes, boats, yachts, marine

    Battery = 56. Feeds laptop and router all the time.
    Leisure Battery 678 - Powerline Caravan/Leisure/Marine Battery: Car Motorbike

    Do not use a car battery. They are different construction.

    Inverter = 36. Stays on all the time.
    Sealey PI300 300W Power Inverter 12V DC - 230V 50Hz: Car Motorbike
    Total = 152.

    Run laptop and router for approx. 199 hours. Second battery = double that.
    Or, see other similar on web.

    HI there. Thanks for this list. But i cannot use this if im inside apartment right?
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    It's been seven months.

    So just go to the store and buy something.

    And show us some mercy.
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    Well i got a dell powerbank already...
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    Be aware that there has been issues with batteries for the Dell XPS laptops , especially the 9550 and some other models. Numerous cases of swelling batteries and rising trackpads have occurred. Dell had eventually recalled and replaced them for free for the 9550, but that option has ended. Dell now also has a shortage of replacement batteries for the 9550 which does not help. I had to get my 84WHr battery replaced after having the 9550 just over a year as the battery started to swell. That was two years ago. The new battery is working well although it is not my primary computer. It has been recommended that you don't keep the battery at 100% as that seems to shorten its life and possibly adds to the potential swelling issue. You can use Dell Power Manager to set limits for charging and recharging which will increase battery life. This is what I have done. I don't understand why you are getting such limited battery usage on yours. If you are not doing any heavy continuous processing, this is usually an indication of a failing battery.

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    HI there. Well i do have a ton of chrome tabs up. By that i mean over 60 of them.

    But even when i do not and say only leave my laptop on and barely do much on it... i get max 1h 45m on it. Last time i tried by using it with another program that i do but i do it much less intensive... and have no chrome opened... it went around 1h 30m or so. When im at doing my usual thing, i think it get 1h 15m or so.

    Every laptop i ever used... never had more than 3 hour of battery it seems. Im talking about laptops i used over 10 plus years ago.
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    So right now.

    1. Thoughts on UPS? Can i use a UPS or not for my purpose? Will it last me at least 2 hours? 3 hours?

    2. What about the inverter someone here talked about? Can that be inside apartment as compared to generator which definitely cannot be inside?
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