Battery Backup For Laptop When Power Outage?

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    paulyjustin said:
    Even if you lose internet... you can tether from your phone. As long as you have data on your phone... that is good enough..
    Can't tether with ATT Unlimited and More, I'd have to upgrade to Unlimited and More Premium ATT Wireless Plans - Explore Our Best Cell Phone Plans Family Plan w/ 4 lines = expensive
    If the electricity is going to be out longer than a small UPS can handle, I'll just go outside and do yard work. If I NEED to be online I have a small 2200W generator that I can start up, or just goto the nearest McDonalds or Public Library.
    And Yes, I used to live half the Year in The Philippines where Daily "Brownouts" were expected. Spent a lot of time walking on the beach
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    Can't tether with ATT Unlimited and More, I'd have to upgrade to Unlimited and More Premium ATT Wireless Plans - Explore Our Best Cell Phone Plans Family Plan w/ 4 lines = expensive
    Can you not get a PAYG 4G USB dongle or similar with a tethering allowance?

    I've been using Three 4G as my main ISP for four years now, far less connection issues than I had with BT ADSL (and far less than my neighbours seem to have with fibre/cable from various ISP's).
    The legislation was recently changed here in the UK, so my previously unlimited data/12GB tethering limit is now unlimited for both ( for the same price), and the bandwidth is still pretty good, can hit 60 Mbps down 30 up on a good day.
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    kampap said:
    I have a system that connects to the mains – and also a batteries designed for solar power systems.
    Normal operation is for mains passthrough to connected items (PC, router, phone, TV, sat box, table lamps etc.), and, in the background, it tops the batteries up. When mains fail, the unit switches to battery supply automatically and my PC doesn’t notice. When mains restored, it goes back to mains passthrough and tops up battery again – and PC doesn’t notice.
    You need a suitable battery as well as this type of unit. The bigger the battery (or, as I have, 4 batteries linked together), the longer you get power for. I have them in a shed with a mains supply and a cable to my front room for the supply but could stick them in a cupboard, I guess. I also top up battery water twice a year.
    I can run PC, router, TV, phone, kettle etc. for 18 hours.
    My system is old but this is similar – and – the reviews say they will clarify for you, and advise on battery(ies). Worth asking, or google for similar solar mains passthrough inverters.
    2000W 12V low frequency pure sine wave off-grid power: Electronics
    This maybe “over the top” but better than dell products which give limited supply to shut down only. This way, I just keep working. You could probably get away with 1 battery – unless you need to make coffee as well …………

    If you were to only connect a laptop to it... and use the laptop intensively... do you know how long it would run it for? I would not be connecting no monitor, tv or anything like that to it. I mean the only thing i might connect to it would a modem/router which is a 2 in 1 but i would not do this since well i can tether internet from my iphone.
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    My system runs 2 pcs, 3 monitors, tv, sat box, router, kettle, coffee machine, garage, phone, radio, 3 indoor table lamps and spare socket just in case. With all on during a power cut I get 18 hours.
    If I only had a laptop it should run for a couple of weeks, probably longer ...
    You don't need such a big system. Maybe 1 car type battery - but better use solar deep cell. They deal better with full discharge. That should give you a day or more. Depends on battery spec and capacity. Bigger battery / more batteries = longer supply - so, if you were to be silly, you could have a system to supply a laptop for months …
    I saw Photonic on Amazon and they seem to answer questions OK. Suggest you ask them what system they have that can run a laptop and tell them how long (hours/days) you need power for.
    They have one on their site that may do. Check:

    100Ah 12V Photonic Universe deep cycle AGM battery for: Electronics Photonic Universe: Stores

    Then, tethering will cost. If you have a system like this, you might as well run the router off it and work direct as usual since you won't pay more for that.

    OK, it's "over the top" but I work from home and once installed I just ignore power cuts. And, my system has been running now for 10 years without a problem and with power cuts every month on average. Longest cut I have had was 24 hours but I don't - obviously - have everything on at the same time during a cut anyway, so was OK.

    So, to answer your initial question again. You can run as long as you want. Get battery size to suit.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And, you won't need such a powerful inverter either = cheaper. Check photonic and others to get one that supplies only the Watts / Amps you need for a laptop which will not be much, I guess.
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    Will pauly ever choose a solution? Or will he just keep asking questions?
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    Well i already bought a powerbank that will give me about 2h30m to 3h max with it. I would like to power it for another 5 hours or so.

    I know if i get another power bank, that would give me another 2h30m to 3h on it. But that would mean i have to 2 buy more of them.

    Now could i do this all through a UPS? What about 2 UPS? The other thing that i read about was if you have a UPS, its connected at all times right even when its full? Im confused why does it need to be always connected? Well if its connected to a desktop, well that is obvious. But what about only when you need it such as okay power outage. Could you power it fully. Then just unplug it and leave it there? Then when a power outage comes, you connect it to your laptop? I also read that having a UPS would increase your electricity bill a lot. Is that true? If so, is it only if its connected always which most ppl do? Could i just leave it unplugged after i fully charged it? Or would it be not that effective such as power comes out of it?

    Now with a powerbank, i have it full charged so i have it there in case of power outage. And it does not use much electricity since you only use it to power it.
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    margrave55 said:
    Will pauly ever choose a solution? Or will he just keep asking questions?
    No. Yes.
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    Battery Backup For Laptop When Power Outage?-capture.jpg

    $300. 2 1/2 gallons gas run your laptop for 18+ hours.
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    Navy, first off this is a serious response right? Again i don't know anything about generators. So you are saying if i get that, I can use my laptop for that many hours? I would never use that many hours at once.

    The thing is if i have a power outage for a few hours, say 2 or even 3... my laptop battery along with my powerbank would work. But of course anything more, i need more power.

    Can you store these in your apartment? I read online earlier that these are not meant to be used inside? Again, im inside an apartment... not like a house where i can say put this outside and connect to it like in a backyard if you know what i mean. I just read now that generators like this should not be used indoors...
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    Nothing wrong in asking lots of questions …
    Don't use a gen indoors - too dangerous - exhaust fumes.
    Another idea to think about:
    Additional thoughts:
    A laptop typically uses 50 Watts
    A router: 2 to 20 watts, with 6 watts being average for a wireless router.
    Total= 70 Watts.
    To calculate a battery, add 20% = 84 Watts
    So, to use the you would need a battery source to supply 84 Watts.
    Battery power is specified as Amp Hours (AH).
    84 Watts = approximately 0.35 Amps. (Rough math)
    So, to run for 1 hour you need a battery to be rated at 0.35 AH.
    Smallest deep cell will be around 100 AH, which means you could theoretically run for around 285 hours. But, deep cells (and others) will typically maintain a smooth output for 70% of that, so, realistically = 199 hours.
    A solution for you could be the three items below:

    Charger = £60. Stays connected to a 13 amp socket and battery all the time.
    12V solar panels charging kits for caravans, motorhomes, boats, yachts, marine

    Battery = £56. Feeds laptop and router all the time.
    Leisure Battery 678 - Powerline Caravan/Leisure/Marine Battery: Car Motorbike

    Do not use a car battery. They are different construction.

    Inverter = £36. Stays on all the time.
    Sealey PI300 300W Power Inverter 12V DC - 230V 50Hz: Car Motorbike
    Total = £ 152.

    Run laptop and router for approx. 199 hours. Second battery = double that.
    Or, see other similar on web.
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