Battery Backup For Laptop When Power Outage?

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    If you go to the Dell Drivers & downloads section for your model and input your Dell Service Tag then any updated Bios they suggest is worth doing.

    I do not know if a Bios update will affect battery life. Batteries gradually degrade whenever they are used.

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    Try3 thanks for that information.

    Okay so at the moment, i have this powerbank. And i think with it... it get an additional 2h 45m to 3h with it ... the way i do it. Thus when power outage happens, i use it on battery till its close to running out, then charge the powerbank and use it while its charging. Then it charges to 80% at the max and then runs out. Then i use it on battery.

    At the moment, i cannot buy another one of these where im located at the moment But i checked amazon where im located and apparently i could buy ups here.

    Now does anyone have advice on this? So for example... with this powerbank, i can possibly get an extra 2h 45m to 3h at the absolute max. My laptop battery gets 1h 30m max. So basically... i can get between 3h45m to 4h30m total if there is power outage.

    If i get another powerbank, i can get another 2h45m to 3h on it. But what if i were to get a UPS? I would only connect my monitor to the UPS... nothing else. Thus i read a UPS even expensive one last about 10 minutes or 30 minutes max... but it seems this powers monitors as well. But if I were to only connect to my dell xps 15 9550 laptop, how long can i get out of it? Would it be more or less than my power bank?

    Because my thinking is if i have power outage, first thing i do is use my laptop on battery for 1.5 hours. Then connect it to my powerbank. And say after 3h45m to 4h30m there is still no electricity and i need power, then i connect to the UPS when my laptop is pretty low battery. Then if i do that, could i get say another 2 to 3hr at least with the UPS? Such as i connect to it... then i not only is charging it up... im also using the laptop. But say it hits 100%... do i leave it charged to the UPS or not? Or is it fine if i unplug it... then use it on battery for about 1.5 hours and once im close to out of battery, i connect to the UPS again if it still has more juice?

    My dell powerbank only charges my laptop to 80% at the absolute max before it runs out of juice. So shouldn't the UPS be longer than that since it uses more volts?

    Does anyone know if there are UPS that would make my laptop go for another 5 hours? Or is that not possible? I read an article a while back that said some UPS could power your laptop for a week... that has to be wrong right?
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    Just buy a dang generator. Sheeesh....
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    Battery University™ is a free educational website offering hands-on battery information to engineers, educators, media, students and battery users alike. The tutorials evaluate the advantages and limitations of battery chemistries, advise on best battery choice and suggest ways to extend battery life.
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    Generator? I don't think i need something like this?

    Again i have a powerbank at the moment. With it, i probably get another 2h 30min to 3hours on it. How long would a UPS last me say if it was 1000va.
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    As im typing this... the power just went out...
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    I checked online and someone mentions that with a 1000VA UPS... you get around 4.5 hours on laptop... then he calculated something else and says it should be around 3.5 hours.

    Does that sound about right?

    The thing is with the Dell powerbank i have... i say i get around 2h 30m to 3h with it.
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    When my power goes off I also lose internet
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    Even if you lose internet... you can tether from your phone. As long as you have data on your phone... that is good enough..
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    I have a system that connects to the mains – and also a batteries designed for solar power systems.
    Normal operation is for mains passthrough to connected items (PC, router, phone, TV, sat box, table lamps etc.), and, in the background, it tops the batteries up. When mains fail, the unit switches to battery supply automatically and my PC doesn’t notice. When mains restored, it goes back to mains passthrough and tops up battery again – and PC doesn’t notice.
    You need a suitable battery as well as this type of unit. The bigger the battery (or, as I have, 4 batteries linked together), the longer you get power for. I have them in a shed with a mains supply and a cable to my front room for the supply but could stick them in a cupboard, I guess. I also top up battery water twice a year.
    I can run PC, router, TV, phone, kettle etc. for 18 hours.
    My system is old but this is similar – and – the reviews say they will clarify for you, and advise on battery(ies). Worth asking, or google for similar solar mains passthrough inverters.
    2000W 12V low frequency pure sine wave off-grid power: Electronics
    This maybe “over the top” but better than dell products which give limited supply to shut down only. This way, I just keep working. You could probably get away with 1 battery – unless you need to make coffee as well …………
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