Battery Backup For Laptop When Power Outage?

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    NavyLCDR said:
    Wow, really?!? Don't you know that lastpass and keepass are just fronts for the NSA, FBI, CIA, KGB, CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN to be able to infiltrate your information and spy on you? Why do you think it is after you go through the Dairy Queen drive through the next thing that pops up on your cell phone is "google" wanting to know how you would rate your Peanut Buster Parfait?!?

    How about you stop joking/trolling around?

    I have sensitive financial information on my computer. Do you?

    Almost everyone who secures their computer uses lastpass or keepass to store their passwords and account info.
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    Almost everyone who secures their computer uses lastpass or keepass to store their passwords and account info.
    Any references to surveys confirming that??? None of my clients use them.
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    I put it this way. Most computer savy ppl should be using this. Back then i would just write my password on paper and obviously that isn't good idea since you can lose it. But if you put it on lastpass or keepass, its there so you don't have to remember any password, just one password.

    But if your computer get malware, keylogger etc... then your keepass or lastpass will get compromised. So that is huge. Also i have almost always bought products directly from a site and paid much more because im concerned about things like this. But when some ppl say... you dont have to worry about malware in a power bank because its connected via power cable and not usb... i thought okay might as well buy it cheaper on amazon as oppose to dell then. Again i have 1 of these already, want a 2nd one.

    But then i read some other ppl say any electronic device can have malware placed on it. And when i got the powerbank and i saw it came in a box that i never saw before, that is what concerns me because i still have the box that it came with from dell 6 months ago... it was not like this. I have seen this box on ebay when checking a few sellers but i have not seen 1 seller or image on google where this pw7015l is sold with this box and picture. So thats why im a bit concerned/skeptical. Also the box was not wrapped like an iphone box... it was wrapped like an iphone box when i got the dell one directly from dell... im close to 100% sure of this. So thats another red flag etc.
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    The Equifax hack could be worse than we thought

    You think a password storage site is any more secure than Experian or any other of the banking, credit card, health care, and even government computer systems that have been hacked are? I'll take the security of a scrap piece of paper behind my physically locked doors and windows of my house that someone would have to physically break into to get over some website any day. Seriously, as someone else already stated.... you need a lot more help than a computer forum.
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    So you telling me you keep all your usernames and passwords on a piece of paper? Thus your online bank account, web sites and emails, its all written on piece of paper? What happens if you lose that piece of paper? Most people who are tech savy do not do this.

    If you use lastpass or keepass, you make backup copies of it. You then access it by putting your one password. From what i heard these are open source. But if your computer has malware on it and you have keepass or lastpass, well you are now compromised.

    Hey i'm not privileged like you having to never worry about power outages. When im in the US, i never even thought about power outages because it almost never happens where im located in the US. Its when im out of the country, is when i have to deal with these issues as im there most of the time.
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    Let's say I lose a piece of paper. How easy is that to detect. Very easy...oh look, I lost my piece of paper. Gee, it's a good think my passwords were written down in a code that I know the key to but no one else does. But since I know my piece of paper is gone, I can change the passwords as soon as I know that it is gone.

    How fast can you detect that your computer is hacked and your passwords stolen? You think you are better at guarding your sensitive information than a company like Experian is? How about this one:
    Cybersecurity Incidents
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    So you telling me you put all your username/passwords on one single sheet of paper? That its handwritten? How many copies of it do you have? Just one? So you have like 25 plus accounts/passwords minimum then?

    So what if you lose your piece of paper? What happens then? You keep multiple copies? How you going to change your passwords as soon as you lose your paper? How you going to know whats your gmail or yahoo or bank etc?

    Well if your computer is hacked and your passwords are compromised... well one of your emails will probably let you know one of your accounts is compromised as when you sign in with an email, your other email connected to it as secondary will let you know. Or if you log into sites or accounts and can't log in... well there you know.
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    I have my "Little Black Book" where I write my passwords. Loosing passwords is just an inconvenience, they can be recovered but letting someone else get their mitts on can spell a disaster.
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    Hi there
    anything stored on a computer can be hacked even if encrypted and probably has been so it's IMO bonkers to store passwords on a computer or anything attached to it --e.g . USB drives, NAS storage etc.

    If one is really paranoid about passwords and the thought of writing them down and storing in a safe place then each time you logon to e-commerce or banking just use the "lost password" facility these sites give and create a new one for that session.

    Inconvenient --then it's "Risk to Reward" ratio -- you have to choose your "comfort level" of inconvenience with the security strength you require.

    As for encryption and hacking -- I'll bet that probably even a low level trainee analyst in an organisation such as FBI / CIA etc probably could crack most people's machines in about 90 secs flat if they needed to -- so again I have to agree a paper solution off the computer is the best even if so called "security admins" or "experts" don't recommend it.

    Even worse though is storing these passwords on a Mobile phone though as these are rediculously easy to hack (by all accounts from "those in the know").

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    Well i use bitlocker to protect my computer from someone trying to get in my computer if one wants to do so via bitlocker pin.

    I also try to not visit any sites im not sure of on this computer.

    Thats why i dont want to connect any usb device or anything to my usb ports if its not mine etc. But do you all really not use keepass or lastpass? What if you have 100 plus sites you visit? Thus imagine like 5 email accounts, 5 bank accounts, then like 30 sites you visit, and a bunch more. You write it down on a paper? That seems way too extreme.

    And when i read about usb and charging devices possible with hardware, thats why im concerned.

    Also there are other things many of you are not aware of that you need to make sure your computer is safe from malware.
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