Battery Backup For Laptop When Power Outage?

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    paulyjustin said:
    If you had to be online for many hours and make sure you needed backup power in case of power outages, then you would understand the situation.

    But of course you have the privilege of not having to do that or you are located in a place where you rarely if ever get power outages.
    I would have taken the advice given a long time ago. Deep cycle 12v battery + charger + small power inverter. Then you wouldn't even have to worry about viruses coming from a USB cable or USB port on a battery power pack. I have a CPAP machine that is rated about 100 watts. As an experiment, I spent the night in my travel trailer running off of it's single 12v deep cycle battery. The next morning, the status panel in my trailer showed the 12v deep cycle battery was still at 2/3 capacity.

    Instead, you are asking where Amazon gets it's items for sale and wondering about viruses coming from USB cables and ports on a battery pack?!?

    On top of all that you refuse to keep your multiple backup power supplies plugged into AC charging sources so they stay 100% charged. You want to take chances charging them up to 100% then unplugging them and hope they have enough capacity when the power does go out.
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    NavyLCDR said:

    Save yourself now. Delete your post. Unsubscribe from this thread. Don't get trapped in this quagmire of quicksand!
    LOL been here since 2014, but this thread is one of the silliest I've seen in awhile. Its just amazing what people can get stuck in there heads.

    I do work in remote location with little or no internet bandwidth and flakey power supplies. So in the beginning I smoked a few power adapter for laptops. It a bitch carrying around a UPS but in my line of work it quite necessary and the new line a APC are just wonderful light compact and do there job protecting my expensive notebooks from power surges after brown out and generators failures.

    I have never heard of any USB cable having the ability to store any data so viral activity I don't believe Is possible I suppose that APC software could be infected although in the last 20 years or so I have never heard of that happening and with APC software. There High dollar equipment replacement warranty pretty much guaranties they are paying attention.

    On using straight up batteries this is possible however you will not have the line conditioning that comes with Dedicated UPS especially APC, In my experience power fluctuation is what is really hard on notebook power adapter. For those not aware APC UPS can be set to go on battery if the power level drops below or above a set Voltage. Before UPS's became small enough for portability I use to us a Line conditioner unit that help a lot. Quality UPS do a lot more that just being a battery back up
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    @Clintlgm: Yes, why does it take 11 months to choose a UPS?
    It should be a five minute job: web-search, click, buy.
    Followed by a ten minute installation: unpack, plug-in, go.

    You say this is the silliest you've seen in a while? I think it's the silliest EVER.
    If there were pictures available ... this could be the $100,000 winner on America's Funniest Home Videos.
    (There WOULD HAVE BEEN some video ... but Pauly's web cam was offline ... because even after 11 months of "discussion" he still does not have a UPS.)
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    Okay so i just tried testing my cyberpower 1500va to see how long it takes and last if my laptop has a low battery. Since i posted that i bought the UPS, i have not even used it besides testing it 1 time only on my other laptop to try it but didn't do any real test.

    So i did not have it plugged to the wall outlet as i haven't used it. First thing i noticed was when i connected my laptop ac charger to it when my laptop was like 10%.... my laptop battery gets max 1h10m. I noticed there was a double beeping sound. It keep doing that over and over again when it was charging my laptop. It basically made 2 beeping sounds like every 15 seconds. There is a mute button on the ups and i clicked it... did not work. So i then unplugged my ac laptop charger from the UPS. Then i connected the ac laptop charger to the UPS. Thus that is what ppl say to do even if you don't use the UPS. Like just have your laptop connected to it at all times... even though I thought that was foolish since i haven't needed it.

    But right now, there is no beeping sound at all. So right now... im charging my laptop through the UPS right? But if i don't need to charge it through the UPS as i have no power outage, aren't i using the battery life of the UPS though? Thus thats why i always have my laptop ac charger connected to a surge protector that is connected to outlet to charge itr.

    The thing that makes no sense is why is it keep beeping? I checked cyperpower site and they say beeping is to let you know the UPS is on battery power. Well... yea that is when i would be using it. Because if not, i wouldn't have it connected to it all the time as im not using a desktop or connecting tvs to it.

    But this ups should not be beeping right? Because if there is power outage, well the UPS connected to the wall outlet means no power will come to it. And when i connect my laptop to it, it should not beep right? Its beeping every 15 seconds 2 times.
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    You are now six days shy of a full year when you started this thread.

    Battery Backup For Laptop When Power Outage?

    You basically still have the same questions. I don't see where you have purchased anything to accomplish your initial goal.

    It might be time to mark this as solved as there are no more answers or suggestions anyone can give you.
    Lots of members have tried to help you and gave up as you only drag this on by repeating the same thing.
    Time to move on.
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    I bought this UPS about 3 months ago. I never used it once for my laptop fully as there has been no power outage.

    I did not have it plugged into the wall out for almost 2.5 months. I just did not leave it plugged in before i didn't think you had to do that.

    I just noticed my battery was at 62% or so when i checked the settings. So if you don't have the UPS connected to the outlet at all times, it drains the battery? I just read a few articles now that if you don't keep the UPS charged, that the lifespan of a UPS can be only 1.5 months to 2 years? I had no idea of this. I thought the more you use it or have it plugged in.. the more faster it wears out.

    So does this mean i should always have it plugged to the wall outlet if i have nothing connected to it? And most importantly, do i need the UPS turned on as well? I ask this because im not going to be in my apartment for a while so I don't want to cause any more damage to it. I haven't had it plugged into outlet for over 2.5 months already. So if you leave it unplugged for more than 3 months or longer, it can stop working? This is something i had no idea of.
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    The UPS should always be plugged in. You're laptop power adapter should always be plugged into one of the backup power outlets when you have it connected to the PC. Not doing so makes the UPS a total waste of money. The battery on mine typically lasts 3 to 5 years. It is always plugged in. I have two Desktops and my Laptop plugged into it at all times except when I am using the Laptop elsewhere.

    It's really that simple.
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    Okay i did not know the UPS is suppose to be always plugged in. But if you don't use it for a while, do you need it powered on when plugged in or not? Also if you are not in apartment for few weeks or longer, the same thing right?Also when i first got it and fully charged it and then testing it on another laptop, such as plugging the ac charger to it... to charge the laptop up, it did not make these 2 beeping sounds every 30 seconds or so. I'm 100% positive of this. But what i do not remember is if my UPS was connected to the wall outlet or not after it was charged up already. I am pretty certain i did not have the UPS connected to wall outlet when i did this small test.

    So does this mean my UPS has issues? Such as this could have been caused by me not having it connected to wall outlet for close to 3 months?

    Remember, when i just pressed the power on ups, it showed around 62% battery only after not having it plugged in for 3 months.Also what is concerning is this. I know you are suppose to charge it at least 8 hours to fully charge it. I earlier charged it for a few hours earlier to get it to 100% battery. I then turned it off and unplugged it. Now when i turn it on... without having it connected to wall outlet, it shows around 420 minute available.. nothing connected to it. Then you notice on the minutes, it drops to 390 minutes, then 389, 388.. its doing that every second... then every 30 seconds there are 2 beeping sounds.... then it goes to 370 minutes... then i click on the display to check settings and the battery is now 93% only.

    I just powered it off right now because the 2 beeping sound is very annoying.It did not have these issues a few months ago when i got it. I'm also pretty certain when i got it and charged it for over 8 hours, that when i connected it to a laptop, i did not have the UPS connected to an outlet, and it did not make these beeping sounds.I now then just plugged it back in outlet while its off. Then powered it on. Shows estimated runtime of over 420 minutes and battery capacity at 100%.

    But the moment i unplug it from outlet, it will make 2 beeping sound every 30 seconds and the battery minutes will keep going down so fast. This did not happen months ago. It would slowly go down 1 minute every 30 seconds to 1 minute or so. Well im not 100% of this but maybe it needed to get the full 8 hour charge? I only charged it for 3 hours maybe at most to get it to 100%. Does all this information in my last few posts mean my battery is now defective?
    I mean when its not connected to outlet, its draining so quickly as it shows the minutes keep going down so fast.

    Also, surely there has to be a way to disable those beeping sounds right? Like if a person uses a ups as a backup battery for laptop, i cant imagine anyone can handle it beeping 2 times every 30 seconds if they want to use their laptop with this as a batter backup for an hour or more.

    Im concerned now my battery is defective and I'm pretty sure I can't return it back.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Okay i just looked at some reviews of it on other sites like best buy and it seems you can turn off the beep. So i will try that a bit later, so its good to know turning off the beep is possible.

    But i won't be in my apartment for a while. So i will just leave it plugged into wall outlet but not have it powered on. That is what i should do right?

    My main concern is if my ups battery is defective. I mean it drains so quickly. But maybe its because i didn't charge it at least 8 hours? Is that why it drains so quick from 100 % to 93%? I won't have a chance to test this out as I'm leaving my apartment soon and won't be here for a few weeks.
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    Also, surely there has to be a way to disable those beeping sounds right? Like if a person uses a ups as a backup battery for laptop, i cant imagine anyone can handle it beeping 2 times every 30 seconds if they want to use their laptop with this as a batter backup for an hour or more.
    The UPS is intended only to allow sufficient time to do an orderly shutdown of a computer after saving any work in progress, not for extended use. Most will allow up to 15 minutes depending upon the actual load. The beeps are irritating but but when they stop also are a signal that commercial power has returned if the shutdown has been done yet. When I was working we had remote radio facilities that required the UPS to prevent radios and other electronics from shutting down while awaiting the 30 seconds or so for the engine generators to get up to speed and provide power.
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    When the UPS is not plugged into wall outlet, and is turned on, it perceives that as a power outage. UPS=Uninterruptible Power Supply. It cannot tell the difference between Mother Nature killing the power and the User killing the power. No juice coming in is no juice coming in.

    Leave it plugged into the wall outlet.

    Leave it on.

    Leave the adapter plugged into the UPS when you are using the laptop or want to keep it charged.

    That simple. there are no other instructions to give. Just do it.

    P.S. - I have exactly the same UPS unit. I've had it for 3 years. I have never unplugged it from the wall outlet. I keep the system plugged in to the UPS at all times.

    Just do it. There's nothing more to say.
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