Battery Backup For Laptop When Power Outage?  

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    1. My battery last about 1h15m. I play online poker. If i do something else, im going to lose money as i won't be able to continue playing.

    2. That is what i have been doing for a while already. I'm being told that is the incorrect way because if you let it charge to 100% and use it and still have it plugged in, it makes your battery wear out faster. Unless you are saying what im doing is already correct?

    3. I been having it plugged in when using my laptop pretty much always. That is what i thought it was as well. But now im getting different opinions that people say its not correct, do a min and max battery.
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    Your question 1 I agree that you want to charge your battery to 100% in order to last as long as you can on battery power. All this talk about the Dell power manager is not relevant to your aim of keeping going for as long as possible when the power is down. It might suit other people with different needs.

    Your question 2 Using a battery [discharging it partially or fully] then recharging it wears the battery out.
    - Keeping it plugged in and fully charged might still cause some wearing out but not much compared to using it. You can conclude this from the fact that Dell guidance refers to the battery life in terms of charge/discharge cycles not time spent fully charged.
    - Keeping it plugged in and charged to, say, 85% might cause less wearing out than keeping it fully charged. You can conclude this from the fact that Dell publish that Power manager utility.
    - I have never seen any quantification of the degradation due to keeping it fully charged. I am not convinced that such analysis has ever been published publicly and we are all just operating under the lessons learnt for earlier battery technologies such as NiCd.

    Your question 3 That Dell Power manager can suit people with other aims. If you want to keep going for as long as possible on battery then keep it plugged in whenever you can.


    4 By the way, do check that the Dell power manager you have been talking about is offered by Dell Drivers & downloads when you enter your Dell service tag in that section.
    - If it is not then Dell do not think it is relevant to your Dell service tag i.e. your computer.
    - On my Dell Inspiron 7779, just for example, the Dell power manager is actually a component of the Dell QuickSet application and not a separate download at all - C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet\DpmLite.exe.
    - I am not saying that the Dell power manager you are looking at is wrong, just that you should check.

    5 By the way, if you go to your Drivers & downloads section then you can click on the documentation section [on the left] and download the Service manual. That will show you how to replace the battery yourself if you want to. I find the pdf versions of Dell service manuals easier to use than the html versions that they also offer. I swap similar batteries every month and it takes 10 minutes without rushing.

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    1. Well yes i want to keep it charged to 100% to get most battery as possible. But if it does make my battery wear out less... i mean making it say 90% would be fine? But i probably will just stick with the plugged in always and 100%. Well i don't know if that is true or not that charging it to 85% makes it degrade less. Anyone here or articles have ppl tested this out by doing this with their laptops and use their laptops a lot? Such as they did it for over 1 year and then checked their battery compared to using it charged 100%?

    2. Yea i think i will keep it plugged in my way.

    3. Okay i will look at all this. I have seen videos on doing this. Its not like easy breezy as in the videos, even the guy doing is says you need to be a bit careful etc as it doesn't come out just like that and you have to put some pressure on it. Back then i recalled batteries were external... you take out the old one and replace new one just like that. Why don't think they do that anymore? Because replacing a battery would be so simple. Does it have to do with it making it harder so ppl go to a repair shop or computer place to pay more? Or its to make the computer weigh less or operate effciently?
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    Okay so I mentioned i have about 1h15m on laptop battery. Someone on another forum told me to do thisThey said to right click desktop and open nvidia control panel and select 3d settings.3 optionslet app decide which is defaultnvidia graphicsintegrated adapter.I changed it to integrated adapter because he says it uses the least power. I then unplugged my laptop from charging. I noticed that it shows 1h45m on my battery. But right now im just web browsing. But it does seem to show my battery time on it. Can anyone here confirm this does add more battery to it? It seems like it.
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    paulyjustin said:
    Okay so im watching a youtube on how to get better battery life. One of the things it mentions is check to see which apps are affecting battery life.

    I notice it shows within 24 hours, and the apps with usage

    Windows explorer shows 23

    smart defrag updater shows 13%

    Cortana 12 percent

    feedback hub 10%

    smart defrag 5 9%

    microsft store 6%

    Everything else is 1% or less than 1%. I do not use smart defrag updater, cortana or any of those things i mention. So if i fix this, it would make battery better?

    Example i click on cortana

    It shows in use: 0% Background 12%

    Shows checked let windows decide when this app can run in the background

    Do i uncheck it? If so, it now shows

    Checked Reduce the work the app can do when its in the background

    Unchecked Allow the app to run background tasks

    But there is no option to never allow in background like in the youtube video?

    Smart Defrag updater shows 11% in use. 1% background.

    I don't use any of these programs. I don't even defrag because i read you never do that to an ssd correct?

    So what should i do with these apps? Why can't i not allow any of these?
    Can someone tell me if this is wearing out my battery with these programs? I don't even use any of these.

    Also i have not defragged my ssd. I previously had done it on this ssd before when it was put in another laptop but stopped doing it because it wears it out. Is this true or not? I remember optimizing it and defragging it. Should i do it to my samsung ssd or not?

    Now what about all those programs like cortana and the ones i mentioned. How do i make sure they do not run because they seem to be using my battery? Also on the bottom right tray, i always had a java update icon shown and i never did the java update. Do you recommend updating it? I don't think i ever updated it.

    On my right tray it shows

    intel graphic settings

    nvidia settings

    java update available

    smart defrag

    dell audio

    actions recommended with a yellow exclamation point- When i open it there is yellow exclamation point on virus and threat protection, account protection and device performance and health. Do i have to do anything for any of these? I did not because the virus and threat protection shows set up onedrive and acct protection shows sign in microsoft for enhanced security...i dont use microsoft.
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    The time left on battery indicator is an unreliable, constantly updated, short interval calculation. If, for example, you started defragging an HDD the time indication would drop because more work was temporarily being done then, when the defragging was stopped, the time indication would rise again because you began using less power. You cannot conclude anything from its readings.

    All activity uses power.

    The built-in defragging utility does not defrag SSDs. It "re-trims" them. This is a topic in its own right. You could start investigating it by searching this forum and by studying defrag - TenForumsTutorials and defrag - Microsoft Docs

    I never have any Java indications of any kind in Windows 10.

    I have no idea what your "smart defrag" entry is. Other than that, as above, all activity uses power. If you want to consider ending the other programs you mention you will have to investigate them. I have no opinion about them.

    I do not know what your paragraph starting "actions recommended with a yellow exclamation point" means but it is about Windows defender so you 'll have to investigate that yourself. There is plenty of information in this forum about it.

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    Hi, yes i agree the time left on the battery doesn't really say much because if you are doing a lot of things, it would show shorter time etc.

    I mean when you type in see which apps are affecting your battery life. Thus if its an app you don't use, i would prefer to not have it on etc... like smart defrag.

    I was told that i could get more battery by right clicking and click on nvidia panel. Then in global settings where it ask for preferred graphics processor....

    Default is


    There is high performance nvidia processor or integrated graphics. Someone told me to change it to integrated graphics to get more battery because the nvidia uses more power. Do you have opinion on this?
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    not at all
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    Okay thanks. Anyone here have opinion on this? I did google this and did read it mentioned making it integrated graphics would give it longer battery but of course performance is not that great.
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    Too much!

    You push the power button to turn it on.
    You use it.
    You push the power button to turn it off.
    That's all. No further hand-wringing is needed. Really.
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