Battery Backup For Laptop When Power Outage?  

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    Okay so it seems not everyone is correct here. So if i were to connect my laptop to the UPS when my laptop battery is say 5% or 20%, i could still use my laptop while doing my thing correct? But its just not for that long? Can someone here estimate how long say a UPS that has 1000VA make my laptop last for? Also during this process, would my battery be increasing from 5% and upwards when connected to the UPS? Or does it only power it and the battery does not charge? So if i were to use a UPS for my laptop... i should immediately connect it to the UPS when my laptop battery is 100% because i want to use the UPS power first before my laptop battery?
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    The system I outlined with inverter is a similar system I ran indoors without a problem until I upgraded it to a house wide system. There are no fumes from sealed batteries - at least, I never had any that I could see or smell.
    I left the charger permanently connected to the mains, and the charger permanently connected to the battery, and the PC and router permanently connected to the 13 amp socket in the inverter. The battery stayed fully charged and permanently powered the PC and router. In a power cut the battery continued to power the PC and router and slowly discharged until mains power resumed and topped up the battery again. The amount of time I could run on battery (without mains input) depended on what was plugged into the inverter. When I wanted to run more stuff I upgraded. I had no problems, but you must have a deep cell sealed battery because car batteries are designed to give short sharp power and deep cell are designed for the purpose discussed here. Note also that these systems are mainly for caravans, camper vans and boats where all the components will be inside the caravan / boat. Check Amazon user's feedback to see how they are used by others.

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    Additional comment - When I upgraded I put everything in a room outside the house because I had 4 large batteries and a very large powerful inverter with breakers and a ring main installed that needed a lot more room.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Amazon link should have been : 10A 12V Intelligent automatic multi-stage mains battery charger: Automotive
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    Do us a little favor. It would be good to know the status of your laptop battery. Please open a Command Prompt window using "Run as admin" and run the following command:

    powercfg /batteryreport /output %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\BatteryRpt.html

    You can copy and paste the above command into the command line and then run it. This will create a battery status report on your current battery. The report will end up in your "Downloads" folder. Open the report file with whatever Internet browser you use and post the results here.

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    I have an APC RS1300G UPS battery backup which has a 780w capacity. Right now all I have running on it is my desktop and a monitor. It indicates that I am using less than 100w and I have enough battery power to last slightly under an hour. It may not be totally accurate but it gives you an idea of what to expect. If you have a UPS and have a power outage and you have a monitor connected to your laptop, it would be best to shut off the monitor to give you more time.

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    Do you want me to type that exactly as it is or with a space between powercfg and the /

    Well I would only be using the laptop, i would not be using any monitor.

    I recently was at a computer shop here and i saw this one

    On the box, it showed that you can use up to 188 minutes on it. So basically 3 hours. Now I have to assume, they don't mean a quad core laptop right? It refered to a laptop on the box etc. Now let say it does last 3 hours. Does that include it powering my laptop to 100% or not? Such as does it assume I'm connecting my laptop to it at 100% or say 10%?

    Thoughts on these?

    I would have to buy it from amazon mexico though and not the us as im not located in us at the moment. But these would be same models. They have all these on amazon mexico.

    Now why is the 1st cyberpower a bit less than the 2nd one? The AVR cost less than the PVR? The 2nd link is same as the first office depot link i posted i believe.
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    I hope the price shown for the first one you posted isn't US dollars. The only thing I can tell you is that if your only using your laptop the battery will last way longer than if you were using a desktop and monitor.
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    @Winuser, no its not in US dollars for the first one.

    Yes i know that if i only use the UPS with just my laptop, it definitely will last longer than using a desktop and monitor. But how long is the question?

    Do you have opinion on any of those i listed? I could get those on amazon mexico but the price i pay will be almost double than what i pay in the US. Prices here are much more expensive than in the US.

    Also thoughts on this one?

    This would be around $50 USD.

    Now another thing I want to ask is this. Would it be safe/dangerous to buy a used one if someone was selling one and say they bought it recently and I assume they haven't used it much?
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    Do you want me to type that exactly as it is or with a space between powercfg and the / "

    Just copy and paste it into a Command Prompt line. It picks up a CRLF at the end of the posted line so it will run automatically.

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    I did the battery report.

    What information do you want me to post?

    Installed Batteries

    Name DellMJV
    Serial Number
    Chemistry LION
    Design Capacity 55997 mWh
    Full Charge Capacity 23655 mWh
    Cycle Count -

    I assume the manufacturer number and serial number is not necessary?

    Do you need the bios, os build, connected standby etc in the beginning?

    It then shows the recent usage, battery usuage and battery capacity history and battery life estimates.

    Its a very long line and i notice at the way to the bottom it has

    Current estimate of battery life based on all observed drains since OS install

    since OS install 1:13:25 2:53:49 this number is the at design capacity.
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    Design Capacity 55997 mWh
    Full Charge Capacity 23655 mWh
    Your battery is getting worn out, as all batteries do over time as they are used. It can only charge up to about 40% of what it did when it was new.

    Your short usage span is a result of this. Even after being '100%' charged you have to factor in the %remaining you have set in your power plan for it to hibernate / shutdown.

    Remember that when Windows says a battery is charged '100%' it only means '100% of what it is capable of doing these days'.

    I suggested that you run this check last October.

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