I went to Start10 in the meantime but I think I would really like to use and configure the default.. it seems nice.

however, when I try to pin things by dragging, I get this: (red circle with slash)
Dropbox - 2015-08-02_14-41-44.png
Dropbox - 2015-08-02_14-40-17.png

and when i right click to add...

wait... it showed up. It wasn't before.

Ok ... weird. Gonna mess about with that.

However, here's another thing. When I go to search for something, it immediately searches the web... what's up with that? Why won't it look through my programs? It takes forever sometimes... and sometimes it doesn't find anything.

Is there a way to optimize this? I really kinda miss the start screen "open it and type something" - can't the start menu do that?

either way, I am not unhappy with windows10 at all. The upgrade was easy and it migrated most of my apps.