Dell XPS 15 9550 Laptop Turns On But Won't Start

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    Dell XPS 15 9550 Laptop Turns On But Won't Start

    Hey all would like advice on this as i'm freaking out.

    I turned on my dell xps today and when i do, i get that dell logo and then nothing happens, it stays on that logo. I then powered it off and turned it on again few times... same thing, does not load. I have had this happen few times but when it does, it is just one time and then i power it off and power it on and it works.

    Can someone please tell me what i can do here? I'm freaking out right now because i have lot of things on this laptop and i didn't back it up. If it does show the dell logo and power on, does that mean there is a solution to this?
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    If it gets to the logo, but no further that means the boot process gets far enough into the UEFI or BIOS pre boot to show the logo. Obviously, there is some difficulty in going further, when the UEFI or BIOS seeks to pass control to the boot drive. If you're in luck, something is wrong with your boot configuration or the underlying boot configuration data (easily repaired).

    I hope you have access to another computer or you already have a USB recovery drive at your disposal. You must either find or build one, then try to boot your PC to that alternate media. Here's a link to a tutorial at for your specific PC that should give you some good ideas on how to proceed: [TUTORIAL] XPS 15 9550/9550 BIOS Advanced Options | NotebookReview

    If you can't get into the BIOS, you can't boot into alternate media, and you can't repair your PC yourself. Then, alas, it's time for a trip to the repair shop (or a warranty call to Dell, if your PC is still covered).

    Best of luck in moving forward with this, and HTH,
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    Hi there. I waited for a while and then unplugged any usb that is connected to it such as a usb port hub and my wireless mouse hub. Then i powered it on again and now it finally loads.

    Do you know why this happens? I had this laptop for a bit under 2 years. I started having this problem a bit 1 year into it but it was rare. Such as i would see the dell logo and it stays there... but then i just power it off and power it on again. But everytime i power it off and power it on, it worked. But i say about last year or so, i started seeing this problem happen more frequently but it was like once or twice a month etc. But i was not that concerned because it would power on each time after i power it off.

    Okay what you suggested, if this happens again, i press the f12 and run the diagnostic. So when i get that, what should i see on the screen and what do i do afterward it? Do you want me to take a picture of it with my phone or just tell you what shows on the screen. You say if it passes everything, what would the screen show if it does, and what would it show if it doesn't.

    Also do you know why i'm got this dell logo and not starting? I googled it and from what i read, its a hardware issue?

    The thing is last time when i went to the computer shop to replace to have the guy replace my battery, he had an issue where after he installed the battery, the computer did not even turn on and had this message. I think the message was the hard drive was not recognized i believe but not sure 100 percent. He then took my ssd hard drive and put it on his desktop and it did recognize it. He then put my ssd hard drive back into my dell xps 15 9550 and it still didn't recognize. He checked to see if hard drive and battery was in place and it was. But then later on for some reason, finally the laptop worked instead of having this screen which showed lot of words. I recalled screen was black but there were lot of words in white characters etc. I believe it said it didn't recognize the hard drive... does anyone know what error this would be?

    So should i be more concerned now because of this? Previously when this happened, it freaked me out but not much because everytime this happened, a power off and power on turned it back on. Back i believe i had powered off and powered it on about 7 times here before it finally turned on. Should i go to a repair shop and have them take a look to see if anything is wrong inside?

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    When i say hardware issue, i read that it could be faulty hard drive is what i read. But i also read it could be because battery or ram is not put on correctly
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    This kind of thing happens when a difficulty loading device drivers occurs, and causes the boot process to hang. This is probably occurring during the device enumeration stage during bootup. @zinou or @zbook might be able to help you find and inspect logs to confirm this suspicion of mine. If you're able to boot without the USB device installed, disconnect before a restart or shutdown, and don't recommence until after the next boot completes. The next step should be to start troubleshooting your USB drivers. Do you use Dell SupportAssist on that PC? It's actually pretty good at finding and updating drivers. Might want to give that a try, and see if it helps.
    Again: sorry for your troubles.
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    Hi there. When i said i removed the usb devices connected to my laptop, i just did that to see if that could be the reason. I do not think that is the reason though.

    No i do not know what dell supportassist is. I do not do any of these things. Only thing i do is use windows defender to scan virus
    and that is all...

    How do i inspect logs to find if there are issues with my laptop? I will be back later on as i will be busy right now so i will reply back later at night.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    Perform the following steps:

    1) Update the specs in the "My Computer" section:

    System Specs - Fill in at Ten Forums | Windows 10 Tutorials
    In the left corner below in your post you find 'My System Specs'.
    After clicking it you can find a link a little below that says 'Update your System Spec', click on this link to get to the page where you can fill in your system specs.
    System Info - See Your System Specs - Windows 7 Help Forums
    Include PSU. cooler, case, peripherals and anything attached to the computer by wired or wireless (mouse, keyboard, headset, printer, xbox, USB wireless network card, etc.)

    2) Run the Dell diagnostics and post the results into the thread:
    Support for XPS 15 9550 | Diagnostics | Dell US

    3) Run the BETA log collector and post a zip into this thread:
    BSOD - Posting Instructions - Windows 10 Forums
    There are two log collectors: DM and BETA
    At some time the beta will replace the DM log collector.
    On the bottom of the webpage is the link for the beta log collector.
    (extract > open)

    4) Open administrative command prompt and type or copy and paste:
    6) sfc /scannow
    7) dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
    8) chkdsk /scan
    9) When these have completed > right click on the top bar or title bar of the administrative command prompt box > left click on edit then select all > right click on the top bar again > left click on edit then copy > paste into the thread
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    Support Assist is iffy. We have a lot of reports of issues with it on the Dell Forums. When someone posts with a problem we tell them to not use Support Assist but to go to the Dell downloads for their service tag number (or model) and manually download any updates they want.
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    Hi there just curious. But does anyone here think it could be because i unplugged both of my usbs to the usb ports? I have 2 of them... one is a 4 port hub that connect to a usb port and a wireless mouse usb connected to the other. I noticed the 7th time i powered it on, i had unplugged everything out. But that probably has no effect right?
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    When there are computer problems windows may report findings in the event logs.
    The beta log collector will automatically collect the files.
    If there were recorded events then that may provide information about the problem(s).
    If there were no recorded events for the most recent problem, there may be other problems related or unrelated, that can be troubleshooted.
    When available please post the beta log collector zip into the thread for troubleshooting.
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