Cyberlink and Feedback Hub | Robocopy Mirroring Part II

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  1.    11 Sep 2018 #1

    Cyberlink and Feedback Hub | Robocopy Mirroring Part II

    I am mostly getting the hang of Robocopy.

    I have hidden Cyberlink and Feedback Hub, and blocked them from showing in the file list.

    But I am not sorting out how to skip the files. I have gleaned a basic understanding of Attributes and I have an idea of how to build the Robocopy command.

    But I clearly have something mixed up or incomplete.

    ERROR : Invalid Parameter #4 : "/XA:ATTRIB+H:CyberLink"

    Here is my command. I am shaky on both on the syntax and the ordering.

    Note: where the big grin object is appearing the code should the code should read /DCOPY colon mark then DA with the space deleted, No idea how it is getting in or how to get rid of it. Sorry.

    ROBOCOPY C:\Users\mikei\Documents I:HP.Files /MIR /XA:ATTRIB+H:CyberLink /X:ATTRIB+H:FeedbackHub /DCOPYA /v /tee /ts /log:"I:\log.HP.temp.txt"

    Can anybody get me on the right path?
    Help me get rid of the grin?

    Thanks for any suggestions and solutions.
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       11 Sep 2018 #2

    To get rid of the grin, enclose in code tags, the # icon.
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  3.    12 Sep 2018 #3

    Grin icon

    Like this?

    ROBOCOPY C:\Users\mikei\Documents I:HP.Files /MIR /
    XA:ATTRIB+H:CyberLink /X:ATTRIB+H:FeedbackHub /DCOPY
    /v /tee /ts /log:"I:\log.HP.temp.txt"

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  4.    12 Sep 2018 #4

    Robocopy: Skipping Folders / Files Quandaries

    Again I am in over my head and very lost.

    Help please.

    Thinking I needed a different structure and command, one for folders,
    /XD dirs [dirs]... eXclude Directories matching given names/paths.

    I now have this and variations for identifying "FeedbackHub"

    ROBOCOPY C:\Users\mikei\Documents I:HP.Files /MIR /DCOPY D: colon ...A /XD:"FeedbackHub" /v /tee /ts /log:"I:\log.HP.temp.txt"

    Which produces this:

    ERROR : Invalid Parameter #5 : "/XD:dirsFeedbackHub"

    Robocopy seems to be moving the leading quotes to the front of the command. Or seeing that part of the command as string?
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  5.    13 Sep 2018 #5

    Is this is your command?
    ROBOCOPY C:\Users\mikei\Documents I:HP.Files /MIR /DCOPY:DA /XD:"FeedbackHub" /v /tee /ts /log:"I:\log.HP.temp.txt"
    There are a couple of problems with it.

    1. You don't want a colon after /XD and you want to put the full source path to exclude (I'm assuming it is C:\Users\mikei\Documents\FeedbackHub).
    2. The destination path also looks wrong - I'm assuling you have an existing directory I:\HP.Files (note the backslash)
    3. You can also remove /DCOPY:DA as it is the default (not wrong just unnecessary).

    Try something like this :
    ROBOCOPY C:\Users\mikei\Documents I:\HP.Files /MIR  /XD "C:\Users\mikei\Documents\FeedbackHub" /v /tee /ts /log:"I:\log.HP.temp.txt"
    How to exclude subdirectories in the destination while using /mir /xd switch in robocopy - Stack Overflow

    It works for me with slightly different paths defined :

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture.PNG 
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  6.    13 Sep 2018 #6

    Incidentally if you want to exclude multiple directories but them in a space delimited list after the /XD .

    Like this :
    ROBOCOPY C:\Users\mikei\Documents I:\HP.Files /MIR  /XD "C:\Users\mikei\Documents\FeedbackHub" "C:\Users\mikei\Documents\Cyberlink" /v /tee /ts /log:"I:\log.HP.temp.txt"
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  7.    13 Sep 2018 #7

    Thank you this,

    It is E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y helpful

    You have laid out the befuddling syntax very nicely.

    I have studied it but not run it yet: I hope to do that later tonight.

    The linked article looks very informative too. Thanks for it.
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  8.    13 Sep 2018 #8

    Very close. significant progress, but a new stop point.

     ROBOCOPY C:\Users\mikei\Documents I:\HP.Files /MIR /XD "C:\Users\mikei\Documents\FeedbackHub" "C:\Users\mikei\Documents\Cyberlink"  
    /v /tee /ts /log:"I:\log.HP.temp.txt"
    New Dir 0 C:\Users\mikei\Documents\MuseScore2\
    New Dir 0 C:\Users\mikei\Documents\MuseScore2\Images\
    New Dir 0 C:\Users\mikei\Documents\MuseScore2\Plugins\
    New Dir 0 C:\Users\mikei\Documents\MuseScore2\Scores\
    New Dir 0 C:\Users\mikei\Documents\MuseScore2\Soundfonts\
    New Dir 0 C:\Users\mikei\Documents\MuseScore2\Styles\
    New Dir 0 C:\Users\mikei\Documents\MuseScore2\Templates\
    New Dir 0 C:\Users\mikei\Documents\My Music\

    2018/09/13 20:41:47 ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Time-Stamping Destination Directory I:\HP.Files\My Music\
    Access is denied.
    Waiting 30 seconds...

    I am not finding a My Music, hidden or visible

    The next folder is ""

    Any thoughts what is going on?
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  9.    13 Sep 2018 #9

    I ran the same command again and this time it stalled on My Pictures.

    0 C:\Users\mikei\Documents\MuseScore2\Templates\
    0 C:\Users\mikei\Documents\My Music\
    New Dir 0 C:\Users\mikei\Documents\My Pictures\
    2018/09/13 21:03:01 ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Time-Stamping Destination Directory I:\HP.Files\My Pictures\
    Access is denied.
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  10.    14 Sep 2018 #10

    Robocopy uses /COPY:DAT by default, which means to copy data, attributes and timestamp. You could try turning off timestamp copying by explicit setting /COPY:DA if it is having a problem with timestamps.

    What file system are you copying to? NTFS? ExFAT?
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