Since I frequently update websites and save new images off my camera, I am painfully aware of Windows 10 "simplifications". For example,
1. Offloading images from my camera puts them in a folder titled "year-month". With Windows 7, the folder also had the day in the title and allowed me to add additional title comments. That is gone, so I must use Windows Explorer to find the folder and rename it so it is useable. Is there a way to change this back to an extendable title?
2. In Windows Explorer, the "Quick Access" folder list which replaces the "Recently Used" list has only 8 items when I need 30. So I'm back to browsing to finding the folder I want which means a lot more clicks. Is there a way to change this?
3. I thought I had gotten rid of "Recent Files" in Window Explorer Settings, but that list is still there.