Win 10 thinks it's a Win 7 Pro on login screen. Solved

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    Win 10 thinks it's a Win 7 Pro on login screen.

    Sometime ago I updated my brothers win 7 pro to win 10 however when I login with my password it shows on screen as 'Windows 7 Pro' which it isn't any longer.
    I need to change this to Win 10 Pro or something more accurate.
    I have gone through settings, and searched the internet and can only find how to change the computer name not the screen name.
    Could someone please point me to the right tutorial cos' this is doing my head in!

    I need to alter it as I am going to sell his PC as he can no longer use it due to dementia. A very intelligent man who now does not know what day it is or who I am. He has more need of the money and no need of a PC.

    Thank you for your help.
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    If you are going to sell the PC, i would recommend you reset Windows to remove the existing user accounts and personal information and start fresh:

    Reset Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials
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    Thanks for your reply NavyLCDRI was going to reset his PC anyway and did that last night, took until the early hours of this morning though!
    Now when I boot up the login screen shows my email address, I also had to enter my DOB when Win10 setup ran.
    I do not want my email or DOB or anything associated with myself when I com to sell it.
    How do I delete any personal details on his PC (but not delete my MS account details from MS) when I come to sell it? I would rather not have to take a hammer to it if I can avoid it!!
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    You would create a Local Account and remove your account.
    Since you just reinstalled it would be Best to just start over and Reinstall Windows. When it asks Who is using this PC? you can choose Offline Account in the lower left hand corner to create a Local Account. Then just give it a basic name like Owner without a password.
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    Thanks Spunk, looks like my stay up to 3am was nearly a waste of time .

    I've got to get this right, so apologies for asking but which way to reinstall windows 10? The simplest way would be good then I can print up the tutorial and have another go but his time start it off in the morning!!
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    Use the tutorial that 'NavyLCDR' gave you in post 2. At Option 1 Step 3/ Option 2 Step 5, select 'Remove everything' to clean out all personal info. Either way, when you get to Step 14, STOP and shutdown. When the buyer starts the computer, the Install will pick up from there and can finish the setup with THEIR network and user details, at the same point as if they bought a PC from a store and turned it on.

    This tutorial is a fallback method that is even more thorough, if you use Step 12 or 13 and re-partition the PC but the Reset, unless you're OCD will do the job - Clean Install Windows 10

    Good Luck to you and your brother.
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    Win 10 Pro 64 & 7 Pro 64 on 2 HDD's
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    I plan to sell this as a used bundle, with PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers, so at the point of sale/collection I can show the setup is in working order. I assume, if I have chosen the offline install I may not be able to show internet in operation?

    I have my brothers original Win 7 Pro disk and Office 2010 Student that I plan to sell with it - unless I can sell the Win 7 on its own. The PC had this Win 7 Pro installed prior to the update to Win 10 so not sure if the Win 7 can be sold on its own. yes/no ? Probably no.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Do a clean install of Windows 10. Enter Audit Mode to set up the hardware and demonstrate it. When the computer is ready to go out the door, use the Sysprep window to shutdown to OOBE. The next time the computer starts, it will be back to the first setup screen after Windows is installed with no evidence of any previous user accounts or logins.

    Windows 10 Audit Mode! - YouTube
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    It actually sounds like the Login screen was modified. That is the only way to make it appear to be the Windows 7 login, vs Windows 10.
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    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but if you stop at the first reboot, where the first question is asked, just shut down. The next owner will get it at the OOBE, out of the box experience. They can then enter their info and set it up as they wish. If its currently activated with a Digital license it will auto activate again with that same DL. Just be sure to install the same edition it has now.
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