I really hope I'm able to communicate everything I've tried here, because it's been a lot so far :P
The problem first happened when I tried to install new RealTek audio drivers because my sound failed. Part of that process is to reboot after uninstalling the old drivers. When I tried rebooting, I get the Windows logo, then an error screen with "BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO."

Windows reboots and attempt to Diagnose the PC. I'm lead to the Automatic Repair screen where my options are either Restart or Advanced options. Restart has the same reboot process, so I go to Advanced options.
My first option, to continue to Windows 10, does the same ol' fun reboot.

Toubleshoot takes me to Reset this PC, which starts to work but then says that there was a problem and no changes were made.
So in Advanced options, System Restore and System Image Recovery both have no options for me. My last chance is to boot into Safe Mode which fails with error code 0xc000021a.

I don't have an install DVD because I updated directly from Windows 7. What are my options here? I can't even factory reset.
Thanks for any help/feedback!