Windows 10 startup problems

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    Windows 10 startup problems

    I have a Lenovo Thinkstation with Windows 10 installed on a SSD drive.

    Everything been running fine for months until this morning the while the PC is logging on started to exhibit erratic behavior, screen going blank, PC resetting and restart, etc.

    Currently It won't finish logging and usually resets / restarts.

    I did see a message box about a "Elby" driver. I remember installing ISO drive software, which I believe must be Virtual CloneDrive?

    Is there anyway to remove this app and it's drivers from a PC's hard drive without booting to the drive?

    I have another Windows 10 PC (Lenovo Thinkcentre) that I rarely use but am able to boot to it's Windows 10 installation with the SSD drive connected as a second drive.

    But I'm not certain how to uninstall CloneDrive from the Thinkstation without booting to Windows 10 which I'm not able to do.

    Perhaps deleting the files and folders from CloneDrives installation path? and/or try to edit the registry file from the Thinkstations Windows 10 installed on the SSD drive?
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    Hi, if you can, please have a look at your Update History in Settings. Have you just received any updates? If so, which? Or do you know if you received an update?

    Can you boot to Safe Mode successfully and leave it in Safe Mode without it restarting?
    (E.g. via SHIFT left click Restart from the login screen)

    Please check your disk.
    As it's not booting up fully, please download and create Kyhi's bootable rescue disk from the top of the Software and Apps section here.

    Boot your PC from it, and see if it is stable. Run HD Tune (on the disk) and report results from
    - Health tab
    - Error scan tab

    What is your Windows build?
    Windows key + R, winver
    Booted from Kyhi's disk, locate explorer.exe (e.g.) in your Windows folder, rt click it, Properties, Details and you will see a build number. Please post that. (Note - Windows will not be on drive C: as viewed from Kyhi's disk).

    Please test your RAM:
    MemTest86+ - Test RAM

    *** Please post your problem with your 2nd PC as a separate thread- else this will get impossibly confusing. Thanks!
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    I'm not able to completely log into Windows 10 installed on the Thinkstations SSD drive. The login screen keeps blanking and appears theirs something effecting the graphics. I'm able to enter the Windows 10 password (while the screen is fluttering and sometimes going blank). Same problem after logging in and the PC eventually reboots itself.

    I did see an error message for a brief moment about a Elby driver. I'm not certain what that is other than it may have something to do with "CloneDrive".

    I tried to get into safe mode however F8 isn't working. I seem to remember perhaps I may need to perform other keystokes to get into safe mode? Microsoft has changed how one enters safe mode as F8 doesn't seem to always work and there are other methods to enter safe mode if one is booted and loggin ok to Windows 10.

    I can't remember the details but F8 hasn't bee working. I seem to remember one can try pressing Shift-F8 or something.

    The Lenovo Thinkstation with Windows 10 installed on a SSD driver does have a Recovery Parition however I seem not to be able to access this partition during bootstrapping. (bootup)

    I'm downloading Windows Recovery Tools - Bootable PE Rescue Disk 64Bit ISO however it downloading very slow. Shows to have from ~40 mins to an hour and half left after downloading for more than 10 mins.

    Note: Windows 10 from the SSD drive (Thinkstation) booted at least three times and didn't automatically go into a recovery mode as it's suppose to.

    I've tried using this method in the past and it does work but currently recovery mode isn't activated after three restarts.

    I guess I would be relieved if the problem is only with the clonedrive. I'm wondering how to uninstall the CloneDrive without being booted and logged into Windows 10:?
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    I tried to get into safe mode however F8 isn't working.
    F8 has been effectively obsolete or completely ineffective since Win 8.
    To get to Safe Mode, as I said, you need to at least get to the login screen.
    (E.g. via SHIFT left click Restart from the login screen)

    If your PC can't boot enough to do that, then you should be able to set your PC to boot to Safe Mode once you can boot it from Kyhi's disk.

    7 ways to boot into Safe Mode in Windows 10 | Digital Citizen
    5. Use a Windows 10 installation drive and the Command Prompt
    - but adapt this to use a command prompt when booted up with Kyhi's disk - unless you already have a bootable Win 10 disk.
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    I haven't made a bootable Windows 10 disc yet as both Windows 10 PC's came with Windows 10 pre-installed.

    However the problematic Windows 10 installation on the SSD drive does have a recovery partition.

    I use to have older Lenovo Thinkcenters and they all came with a Lenovo Recovery partition which allowed one to save files and perform different Windows re-installations and also installed Windows using saved backups from Lenovo's Rescue and Recovery.

    I think the recovery partition is a Windows 10 Recovery partition, which I've never used.

    I'm currently using my second PC. I should be able to create a Windows 10 installation disc from a Win10_SingleLang_English_x64.iso previously downloaded.

    The Windows Recovery Tools - Bootable PE Rescue Disk 64Bit ISO has around downloading 5 mins left so I'll give it a try first.
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    Kyhi's disk is extremely useful with a lot of tools as you can see from where you got it... worth keeping. Your manufacturer's recovery partition is something of a last resort as inevitably expect the Windows build to be old.
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    I created and booted to a Kyhi's disk but could not find a system restore or safe mode. So I ended up booting to Windows 10 recovery mode by trying to boot the PC three times. The third time the Windows 10 PC goes into recovery mode. It appears re-booting Windows 10 three times replaces F8.

    I tried a few times going into Safe mode and over a 1/2 dozen times using system restore, each attempt system recovery failed.

    I went into Windows 10 Safe mode and re-installed the Nvidia Quadro video drivers which did not rectify the problem.

    I then chose to perform a system reset which basically re-installs Windows 10 while trying to save any personal files.

    This didn't work the problem became worse to a point where there was no bios boot screen.

    So I installed the Windows 10 SSD drive (for the P300) into another nearly identical PC, a Thinkcentre M93p.

    The M93p (Thinkcentre) was able to boot to Windows 10 that was previously problematic when installed on the P300 Thinkstation.

    I'm not certain what the problem is with the Thinkstation. I tried removing it's K4000 Nvidia Quadro Video adapter using the internal mb vid adapter but it wasn't able to boot to Windows 10 installed on the same SSD drive.

    So I'm wondering if there's a hardware problem with the Thinkstation P300. I'll try using another Windows 10 drive with the P300 (Thinkstation) to see if perhaps there is a hardware problem with the motherboard, etc.

    The P300 Thinkstation's SSD drive with Windows 10 shows it's activated when installed in the Thinkcentre M93p (both PCs have the same hardware, with the motherboards nearly the same, the P300 motherboard has a few more certification's and uses ECC memory has a Esata port but other than those aspects the mb's are the same.

    However the MS Office installation shows it now needs to be activated because of hardware changes. When I try to activate MS Office it then tells me it's been activated the max. amount of times, but still seems to function ok.

    I'll keep trying to figure out what's wrong. Perhaps try a fresh install Windows 10 on the Thinkstation P300 SSD drive after backing up files.

    I'm sort of tired trying to repair, so will let it go for a while and try fixing again at a later time.
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    I created and booted to a Kyhi's disk but could not find a system restore or safe mode.
    That does not support those and was not the purpose of using it.

    Using that you can use a command prompt, and then there is a way to configure your PC to boot into Safe Mode - which I believe was in my post above.

    So I ended up booting to Windows 10 recovery mode by trying to boot the PC three times. The third time the Windows 10 PC goes into recovery mode.
    That's correct- automatic repair mode is triggered if booting fails 3 times in succession.

    I hadn't read your original post as indicating failing to boot was so frequent. Sorry if I missed that.
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    The Windows 10 SSD drive installed in the P300 (Thinkstation) that was problematic is now working when installed in the M93p (Thinkcentre) are nearly identical PCs. I think the only difference is the P300 has an additional stata port and uses ECC memory as it has additional certifications.

    Thinkstations are normally sold to businesses whereas Thinkcentres are usually sold to consumers.

    I think Microsoft removing F8 is a mistake. One shouldn't need to fiddle around and booting three times trying to get into safe mode. The service menu is something that's part of Windows 10 and not the OEM. If a service partition is installed during Windows 10 installation then you will have an option to "reset" the Windows 10 install.

    Anyway I'm going to install the Sata drive (with Win 10 installation) previously installed in the M93p into the P300 to see if it still has bootup and login problems.

    If able to rectify will re-install the SSD (win 10) drive back into the P300.

    The SSD drive with Win 10 is version 1803, installed in the M93p shows additional pending updates I think because this is the drive that was reset from Win 10's service menu.
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    I think Microsoft removing F8 is a mistake.
    - it's more that the boot process is now such that the speed means it's unlikely that F8 would still be caught.
    More here:
    Enable or Disable F8 Advanced Boot Options in Windows 10

    You can choose to do this e.g.
    Add Safe Mode to Boot Options in Windows 10
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