Created the Rescue Media, How Do I Check it?

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       09 Aug 2018 #11


    I have checked the manual for your lenovo Ideapad 330S

    There are two ways to get to the boot menu that lets you choose what to boot from. The first is to press F12 as soon as you turn on the PC.

    The second is to turn the PC off, insert the usb, then press the Novo button. This is in a small hole in the side of the PC, on the right hand side according to the manual. You'll need a paperclip to press it. Once you do, the PC will power up and go straight to the menu giving you a choice of 'normal startup', 'BIOS setup', 'Boot menu', and 'System Recovery'. Choose 'Boot Menu'.

    After getting to the Boot Menu by F12 or the Novo button you should see the usb listed, select it and you'll boot from the usb.
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       09 Aug 2018 #12

    Caledon Ken said: View Post
    Plug it in to a USB port, preferably a USB 2 if one available...
    According to the manual, this model has two usb ports, one on each side. Both are USB3.
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  3.    09 Aug 2018 #13

    Machine is on, I plug usb in, and go to lower left and click on restart.
    Machine will go off, then start to come right back on......
    ......then do I keep tapping the f12 until a boot menu comes up?

    Then "boot from your usb key" (?) - dont know what that means ----------

    Then the MS appears. Close the MS, and machine will reboot. (then do "eject" and remove usb)

    *****EDIT***** - crap, I just saw the other posts........saying things different from what I was working from out of post #8 Caledon Ken,
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       09 Aug 2018 #14

    Restore the image to another hard drive. It if boots up, it's fine.
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  5. Bree's Avatar
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       09 Aug 2018 #15

    badrobot said: View Post
    Restore the image to another hard drive. It if boots up, it's fine.
    I don't think we have made an image yet, we're just trying to see if the recovery media usb works. Anyway, ImLost doesn't have any other hard drives available.
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       09 Aug 2018 #16

    watch this video so you have an idea what exactly boot menu is all about (seems like you still don't have a grasp of it). It is not the exact model as your laptop but it is more or less the same steps to boot up to USB drive.

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  7.    10 Aug 2018 #17

    Stay with it, ImLost.

    Bree's instructions in post 11 should work. You should also look at the video in post 16 by badrobot. There are apparently 2 ways to bring up a boot menu: poking the "Novo Button" or pressing the F12 key during a reboot.

    One or the other should work. Use whichever one you can get to work. The immediate goal is to tell the laptop that you want to boot from the USB rescue media you just made, NOT from the Lenovo hard drive.

    Machines can be cranky about responding to F keys. You may have to hold the key down while rebooting, or you may have to tap it repeatedly during a reboot attempt.

    You are hoping to get to a screen that might be titled "Boot Menu" or "Boot Manager" or words to that effect. You would use arrow keys to choose your USB drive as the boot device. It may look like the pic below. If you see something like that pic, you would take the 3rd item in the list, "Boot Menu", to bring up a second menu where you'd choose the USB drive.

    If you choose the USB drive and you do NOT eventually arrive at a Macrium screen, then you know that the rescue media you made does NOT work. You'd have to remake it again until it will successfully boot the laptop and lead to a Macrium screen.

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  8.    10 Aug 2018 #18

    Getting mixed up with so many guys saying things in different ways.

    Back to square one. Was a usb-3 stick supposed to be used for rescue media because the comp usb ports are usb-3? The 8gb I used probably (how to know??) not a 3, had it for a while. The inside thick section is chrome. I have Verbatim brand 16gb, that part is light blue.

    If the 8gb is ok....simplest/easiest way to test it? =

    Machine is off. Insert usb rescue media. Turn machine on, while tapping f12. Boot menu comes up. Click on the listed usb. Machine should start, should end up at the log in screen. Put password, log in to desktop. Go to "eject", wait for the okay to remove usb stick.
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  9.    10 Aug 2018 #19

    The type of USB stick should not matter.

    8 GB is plenty big enough.

    F 12 should work. The "Novo Button" seen in that video should do the same thing. You have to use a ball point pen or something to reach into it. A paper clip maybe.

    Try F12 first. Maybe hold it down. Maybe tap it.

    Look for a choice that says something like "boot menu" as seen in the blue pic I posted.

    Arrow key down to it and hit enter.

    Next screen should show you several choices. Arrow key to the choice that includes "USB" and hit enter again.

    Cross your fingers. It may take a couple of minutes for anything to happen.

    You are NOT going to your normal desktop.

    You ARE going to a Macrium interface. NOT Windows.

    If you land at Macrium, you should at least investigate the menus, because that's what you'll have to do if your hard drive drops dead.

    You still have to make the image file with the mrimg extension and save it onto your USB stick, but that's an entirely different operation. Get this USB boot thing ironed out first.

    If you don't end up at a Macrium interface, the USB rescue media you made is bogus for some reason and you'd have to trouble-shoot that. It may well NOT work since this is your first attempt.
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  10.    10 Aug 2018 #20

    After I end up at Macrium.....then? Go to 'eject' for 'ok' to remove usb? Then turn off, then back on to see if 'normal' screen comes back up?
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