I have had all window versions and now I have the Win 10 Pro version. I have bought all the new hardware for my computer such as the EVO digital T-1 SSD, Asus GTX 795 video card, newest Asus mother Board (Z-87) with 64 gigs of Ram and the new X7 SoundBlaster and it runs perfect on all programs regardless what I throw at it. I am super impressed with the speed now. It rocks and my advice is get it! I keep reading all the errors people are having and I have none.

Tried it with my new Voice Live 3 Extreme and my new USB Behringer 1204 digital mixer and it worked perfect., A salute to Microsoft and their tech's and all the people who contributed to this fine program. I am sure with more updates it will even tweak itself to even be better. Amazing software and program.

Everett, WA