Laptop Won't Function

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    now Im on my little tiny laptop, looking where to buy a new one, what a mess that is. A feature I want is a lighted keyboard. Basic other stuff, dont do games,, keep any big files or important stuff. What a mess, very confusing not being sure whatthings are.

    ************rebooted again, now desktop came up, I have some use of cursor, see if I can try some stuff
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    ImLost said: View Post
    theres nothing I can try to do, obviously
    You could boot the computer from either a Linux usb flash drive and see if the problem is there. If it is, then it is the computer hardware. If not, then you need to reinstall Windows.
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    dont know a thing about a "linux usb" thing.

    clicked on addl settings, got box with red x....then later "mouse prop" window came up, didnt say "touchpad" anywhere at all.
    but click touchpad at left, and at very top it has touchpad on/off......and right now it is going on/off back and forth by itself, wont stay put......the devil has taken over.
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    *** It was the factory "reset" I did before, I did noy mean I just restarted the comp.
    Things aregoing crazy, odd windows popping up and disappearing by themselves.
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    ImLost said: View Post
    help......had it on, then bunch of opaque dime size circles started floating at top, couldnt do a thing. reboooted couple of times, did w-defender scan check, malware bytes. Cursor wont move, things shaky. Did comp break down, or I got some type of virus? Scary for a non-tech type like me, anything I can do before I figure it's no good now and I have to buy another?
    Try an external monitor, if possible.

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    *** It was the factory "reset" I did before, I did noy mean I just restarted the comp.
    Things aregoing crazy, odd windows popping up and disappearing by themselves.
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    It’s good that you have posted your computer specs.
    Your laptop is a Dell Inspiron 5559 and is only a little over a year old.
    Post #3: “Just over year old, but never worked good”
    --- Something tells me this is one of those "never heard of that before" kind of things.”
    --- “did "reset". Waiting. So I may have caused a whole lot of work to do, and lost stuff for nothing? “
    --- Do you have a warranty on the computer?
    --- Did you ever call Dell for support?
    --- I would consider contacting them to find out if they might be helpful.
    --- I’ve seen times when they were helpful even if a warranty was non-existent or expired.
    --- BTW, on the touchpad or wireless mouse, consider a USB mouse.

    I see you are looking up information for another computer but don’t lose hope yet even though it’s scary.

    Post #8: “asks for sign in password, but cursor won’t even move to let me get to that box to try to put one in...............
    whoa.....just rebooted again and the desktop appeared without needing sign-in”
    --- What’s usual for you”
    --- If you are using a Microsoft account, signing in with a password is necessary.
    --- If you are using local admin or standard account, signing in with a password isn’t required but that depends on how it was set-up.
    --- Do you know if you have more than one account that you can sign into when you boot up?
    It’s very important to know
    --- Do you usually sign in with/without a password.
    --- Do you have a more than one user account?

    Consider the following
    Try to get into Advanced Startup Options in order to get into Safe Mode with Networking.
    Go through How to Boot to Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10.
    Boot to Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials

    Hold the Off button down to force a shutdown down.
    --- Windows 10 is supposed to boot up into Advanced Startup Options after two consecutive unexpected shutdowns that occur within two minutes of boot completion.
    --- A few times I had to do that 3 times, one time I had to do that 4 times for whatever reason.
    --- Take the time to follow those instructions.
    --- If it works go through the option for Safe Mode with Networking
    That works got to Dell’s support site for your Support for Inspiron 5559
    Support for Inspiron 5559 | Manuals & documents | Dell US

    Click on Diagnostics if you can even if you have to use a USB Mouse instead of the touchpad or wireless mouse
    --- Let it automatically test your computer: there 2 choices, Quick test & Full test.
    --- Personally, I would select Full test in a situation like yours.

    I have an older Dell and it still runs as good as new.
    I don’t know if Dell has this on their newer models but find out
    Dell SupportAssist for PCs and tablets
    Dell SupportAssist for PCs and tablets | Dell US

    Get Drivers & Downloads, Scan Hardware, Clean Files, Tune Performance & Optimize Network.
    --- Also includes an option to Troubleshoot my PC.
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    MeAndMyComputer said: View Post
    I don’t know if Dell has this on their newer models but find out
    Dell SupportAssist for PCs and tablets
    Dell SupportAssist for PCs and tablets | Dell US
    They do have it pre-installed on one of their newer laptops. I just bought one for my daughter, a Dell Insprion 15 3000.
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    holy crap, too much for me to understand. and its out of warranty, spoke to dell not long ago about a problem, were no help. Now I went and did the other better windows reset/refresh, no help, and I cant do anything when the cursor wont do or go where I want. Looks like a dead end mess for me.

    ******lost stuff from doing refresh, etc,have dsktp icon dell supp assis, but it wont come up anyway. Guess I really buried myself
    Last edited by ImLost; 27 Jul 2018 at 17:17.
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    If your touchpad mouse is jumping all over the place, do you have a USB mouse you can plug in and use? That's usually reliable and doesn't jump around the screen when things go flaky.
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