Hello guys! So because of some audit failures I have after the April update,I did some googling and find in this forum that I should run the command " Certutil -Store my" in command prompt to find out if there is anything unusual. I typed exactly that "Certutil- Store my"in CMD but it showed me a message that made me nervous.It didnt show the message that it was supposed to but rather:
my "personal storage"
Certutil command completed successfully
The phrase inside the brackets was written in Greek so I maybe have not properly translated.Since then I'm feeling nervous that maybe I didn't run the command right and I maybe have damaged my PC. Did I do anything wrong?I don't see anything unusual in the behavior of the computer.Also,I had deleted the restore points so I can't restore.Thanks in advance!I also posted this in the thread I found this command but I feel it's appropriate to post it also as a new thread.