Win 10 Boot doesn't quite get to login prompt - Please help

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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro 1903

    Win 10 Boot doesn't quite get to login prompt - Please help

    Hello! I'm desperately trying and continually failing to get through to the final bit of booting up one of my Windows 10 Pro installations, but while there are no error messages at all, and everything looks fine, it simply will not show the login prompt!

    The details of what I've tried can be found in my recent thread here: How can I force Windows 10 Startup Repair to fix a non-default OS?

    (I closed that thread and marked it "solved" because I was finally able to perform a boot repair on the system in question, but it definitely did NOT solve the main problem of not seeing the login prompt).

    I need some more help, kind persons!
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    Win 10 Pro (1903)

    After doing the basic checks I suggested at the end of your other thread on the integrity of the partition, then you might try

    a. System Restore (using a Win 10 boot disk to boot your system via 'Repair your computer' to the advanced startup options

    b. restoring your registry backup off-line (via a command prompt if familiar, or using a boot disk such as Kyhi's from the top of the Software and Apps section here.

    No guarantees of course.
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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro 1903
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    Thanks again, kindly guru dalchina. I totally surrendered and re-installed the latest 64-bit Windows 10 Pro (1803?) from scratch. It pissed me off no end to be forced to do that, let me tell you!

    Back before Win 10 was released, Microsoft solicited user suggestions for features and capabilities that we'd like to see in Win X. I made and pushed for what I thought was easily one of the MOST important capability for any version of Windows that seems to have been deliberately killed, just to make using Windows extreme hell: The easy ability to perform -- at any time, and even (nay, especially!) if the system wouldn't boot -- a full-on repair install! The last OS that had that ability was XP, and it saved my bacon dozens of times.

    Other people mindlessly apparently millions of times simply and stupidly to make Win 10 free. Screw that! A shitty OS is none the less shitty because it was free! I wanted something that made using a Windows OS as trouble-free and resilient as it could be made to be! My suggestion got about 5-10 votes if I recall. Stupid!

    I would not have had to turn to support forums if Microsoft had re-implemented that ability. Neither would millions or perhaps even billions of others.

    Anyway, let's close this thread because I have to start a new one: Windows 10 takes FORTY-EIGHT MINUTES TO BOOT! Even though I did a full installation from scratch and only installed about 7 applications.

    Damn you, Microsoft!
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    Win 10 Pro (1903)

    Hi, sorry to hear of your problems. The only defensive strategy for a non-booting/disk failure scenario I know of is disk imaging.

    If you're now using 1803 instead of 1709, and have new problems, well, welcome to the world of 1803, which I don't - by choice- yet inhabit.
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