Microsofts Ever Increasing Data Collection

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    Try the O&OShutup10 utility I mentioned earlier in that case. It will allow you to turn off ALL Windows telemetry if that's what you really want. I personally don't choose to do that myself, but I see no reason why you shouldn't have -- and exercise -- such a choice for yourself if that's what you want to do.
    Cheers! Or should I say "Cin cin?"
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    EdTittel said:
    Cheers! Or should I say "Cin cin?"
    Well, it depends if you're trying to salute me or invite me for a drink
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    I don't believe MS is trying to collect any personal data on me. But I also don't think that any telemetry data they collect on the internals of my PCs is going to provide any useful information regarding MS customer demographics of computer usage. (If my data counted for anything we would be allowed to uninstall all MS apps.)

    What irks me about the sending (rather than collecting) of telemetry is that I cannot tell when I've got unexpected network traffic. Is that sudden flurry of network traffic an indication that my PC got infected with spyware? No, it's just Microsoft (or Google, or Adobe, or Acronis, or ...) wasting my bandwidth.
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    CountMike said:
    If there ever were "rabid Windows fanboys" it's "W7 rabid Windows fanboys" along with bunch of "use Linux instead" that are even worse because of very limited knowledge of Linux and so many distros and shades of Linux.
    There's a big difference between "W7 rabid Windows fanboys" and "W10 rabid Windows fanboys".

    "W7 rabid Windows fanboys" know that MS is to blame, when a MS update breaks their OS.
    Check out any other Windows forums and you'll see they are spewing at MS because every update this year has been broken, or introduced worse security holes than the holes that MS were trying to patch (Total Meltdown).
    They aren't coming up with excuses blaming someone else (AMD, Intel, OEMs, NVidia, users, etc.).

    With "W10 rabid Windows fanboys" it's always the fault of someone else (AMD, Intel, OEMs, NVidia, users, etc.) when there is an issue with W10 updates/upgrades, it's never MS' fault.
    Even when MS grudgingly acknowledges that there is a problem, and releases another patch, they still claim it's the fault of someone else.

    Anecdotally on my systems, in the 5 years prior to 2018:
    • Linux Mint - one broken printer driver update
    • W7 - one broken update uninstalled and 1x OS reinstall due to a broken network manager & calculator
    • W10 IP - 3x OS re-installs (which was to be expected as it was Preview software)
    • W10 "Public Ready" - 4x OS re-installs

    I also had to do 3x W10 IP OS re-installs.
    I don't count those as that was to be expected as it was Preview software.
    I wasn't happy though.

    Also anecdotally:
    • Since I've blocked MS access to my W10 1703 installs (Home & Pro) they've run flawlessly
    • My W7 installs run flawlessly too, since they don't have any of this year's broken updates installed

    swarfega said:
    Note that some Linux distros now collect some data as well (although at least you can opt out of that).
    There was a "big stink" when Ubuntu started sending search requests/results to a remote server.

    Compare Canonical response to user criticism, with MS'.
    Canonical provided away to opt out.

    MS "doubled down" by removing a Telemetry control option and releasing updates that installed code that bypassed MS' official Windows Update deferral controls!

    EdTittel said:
    Just because I think telemetry is a good thing and that it's OK for MS to collect it from my 9 PCs and half-dozen VMs, doesn't mean everybody else has to do likewise.

    EdTittel said:
    But answer me this, those who wish to stem the flow of feedback and telemetry back to MS: how can the company improve its offerings and deal with a scary threat landscape on the security side, in the absence of telemetry? It can't.
    Isn't that the purpose of the W10 Insider Program?

    Despite 3 years of "always on" W10 "Public Ready" Telemetry, and nearly 4 years of W10 IP Telemetry, MS are unable to match the update reliability of W7 (prior to 2018) or even W8.

    How was MS able to keep W7 running (relatively) problem free for 8 years (prior to 2018) when "everyone" had Telemetry turned off?
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    flybynite said:
    Spying implies that someone or something is investigating another person without his knowledge for malicious intent. Get your facts straight. Every piece of data in Windows is collected anonymously, and is not shared with anyone, and is also used for the purposes of improving the Operating System. Get over this anonymous data collection. It is not going away.
    I don't think MS is 'spying' but the intelligence agencies can gather personal data from your PC and mobile phone if they choose to take an interest in you.
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