Windows 10: Finding the target file of a keyboard shortcut Solved

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    Finding the target file of a keyboard shortcut

    Short version of my question: I'd like to change a keyboard shortcut that starts an app, but I've forgotten the location of the shortcut file that is targeted by the relevant keystrokes. How can I change the keyboard shortcut?

    Longer version of my question: I originally set up a keyboard shortcut to start an app (in my case, Search Everything) by creating a shortcut file to the desired .exe, and then right-clicking that shortcut, going to Properties, and defining the keyboard shortcut there. The problem is that I've forgotten where I put that shortcut file, and I've failed to find it through search, which means I can't right-click on it again to change the keyboard shortcut. Is there another way to change the keystroke combination? If not, is there some way I can trace the shortcut file being activated by the keystroke combination, so I can right-click it and change the combo?

    The specific nature of the problem, if it matters, is that some time ago I set the keyboard shortcut Alt+Ctrl+S to open Search Everything. That worked great, but as of this year, I'm having to do a considerable amount of work in German, which requires frequent use of the character Eszett (▀) -- and, you guessed it, on the US English-INTL keyboard, ▀ is mapped to Alt+Ctrl+S.
    On my ThinkPad, Alt codes simply don't work (I guess because there's no numpad), so I'm at a loss. The most efficient possible way for me to enter ▀ is currently to open Character Map, navigate to ▀, then Ctrl+C-Alt+Tab-Ctrl+V, which is a serious pain in the neck for a letter that occurs in almost every sentence.
    I considered creating a custom keyboard layout solely to map ▀ to a different key combination, but after dabbling with the Windows Keyboard Layout Creator (not supported by Windows 10) and having my system kind of spaz out because of it, I dropped that idea.

    Any help with this would be seriously, tremendously appreciated!
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    Can you remember the name of the shortcut?

    Try e.g. downloading and installing Locate32 (free).
    Run this, let it index (a few minutes).
    Then search e.g. as shown:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1.jpg 
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ID:	193699
    (You have Everything installed- so maybe you could use that- but you indicate you couldn't - maybe you can't be sufficiently selective - last I looked a long time back you had to use the beta version to get more search options).

    Alternatively: You can redefine /define hotkeys in 1 line (and much more) with Autohotkey (free scripting language).
    Quite how that fits with one defined in a shortcut I don't know.

    Considering your need to generate the character: I would recommend a free utility:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1.png 
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Size:	81.1 KB 
ID:	193702

    - I pressed B then F7
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  3.    27 Jun 2018 #3

    Thanks a million, dalchina, for your suggestion: it worked!

    For whatever reason, both the Windows search bar and Search Everything were failing to find the relevant shortcut (even though it bore the obvious name "Everything - Shortcut"). Once I indexed Locate32, I searched all .lnk extensions, alphabetized the list, and there it was. I right-clicked to Properties and changed the keystroke, and now I'm all good. ▀▀▀▀ easy!

    In light of Search Everything's failure here, I might actually just stick with Locate32 from now on. Thanks again, I so appreciate the help.

    EDIT: and thanks for the recommendation of the AX utility -- I didn't know of it, and even with this problem solved, I'll have a use for it.
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    Great- it's odd, Locate32 isn't supported now, but it's lower in resource use, can also index Fat32 (well, so what..) and is very intuitive.

    I like AX 'cos it works uniformly across a wide range of character sets; you can even define your own.
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