Windows 10: Sr. Citizen Questions (probably dumb and basic, but would appreciate

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  1.    17 Jun 2018 #1

    Sr. Citizen Questions (probably dumb and basic, but would appreciate


    Using Windows 10 as a virtual machine (via the program Parallels) from a Mac.
    Not used to the nuances of W10, and am really confused.
    Sr. Citizen now, so please put up with some dumb questions:

    a. The program(s) listings on the left side continually shows nonsense like Disney, Xbox, etc.
    I do the Uninstall, but they keep coming back. Any way to stop them from re-appearing.

    b. I don't want Cortana to show, anywhere on my desktop.
    How do I eliminate it, it's search box, etc. from my screen ?

    c. Where, or how do I install a normal W10 Search box, assuming there is one ?

    d. I downloaded zip file for a program I would like to install.
    I keep getting msg's that it won't allow me to do this, as I, or the program, lacks
    the appropriate "permissions".

    How do I get around this, please ?
    Is there a global setting, perhaps, so I wouldn't have to do this each time ?

    I'm using AVAST. Could they be blocking it, perhaps ?
    (but I really get the impression that it is W10 doing the blocking)

    e. Where do i find the Add & Remove (for programs) screen ?

    f. There doesn't seem to be a Delete function for some of the Folders when I right-click.
    Is there a trash, somewhere to delete them ? I don't see any.

    Just one more (for now), please. I'm using AVAST. Does AVAST prohibit Windows Defender from working, or do they both function together ? BTW: how do I access Windows Defender; can't seem to find it anywhere.

    Much thanks; really appreciate the help,
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  2.    17 Jun 2018 #2

    A. This are known as Tiles and some are part of the OS (integrated into OS) , while others are not and can be deleted. Xbox being part of the integrated part of the OS.

    B. You can't remove Cortana as stated above but you can turn most of it off and hide it. Right click in the cortana search box and check and uncheck to your liking.

    C. No such thing....but there are some 3rd party software that may be to your liking. You'll just need to do a search for it.

    D. Then depends or the type of Zip file....There's some 3rd party apps like WinZip and 7zip thay may work. suggestion would be to dump that and just use the Windows built in AV (Defender).

    E. click start button and click the cog wheel looking icon, then click apps... or use the cortana search field and type in control panel and then add/remove programs.

    F. Not sure....what folders are your talking about.

    Yes...When you install a 3rd party software AV like Avast, Defender is turned off automatically. The reason for this is; when running 2 AV's, there's always some type of issue/problem..that can cause system crashes or BSOD's.
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       17 Jun 2018 #3

    A few comments: Last first, usually installing a third-party software will disable Windows Defender. Old school is still new school, can have issues when running 2 or more antivirus programs.

    To answer questions one poses requires knowing which Win10 is being asked about, hold down the Windows key and press R, put winver in the dialog box and press Enter, will show OS Version and Build. Version Upgrades are tending to be twice yearly, currently 1803 [Year and Month] while Build] [similiar to the old Service Packs] will be monthly [Patch Tuesday] or maybe more randomly, currently 17134.112.

    a. Some things can be uninstalled but may come back on the next Version Upgrade.

    b. and c. I don't use Cortana but to get more room on the Taskbar I right-click the Taskbar, let the Cortana
    choice fly out then click the middle item, show the icon only.

    e. For Add and Remove click Settings and find Apps, will be in there. Or put Control Panel in the Search box and open Control Panel for the traditional things. A number of those are also on the right-click of the Windows Start button.

    Windows Defender is on Start, W section. It may also be in the Notification Area, right-click the Taskbar and click Taskbar Settings to see choices that can be made in the Notification Area.

    A lot of things can be right-clicked and Pinned to Start or Taskbar.
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       17 Jun 2018 #4

    Sorry, took me longer to type.

    Robert11, How Senior are you? I'm 48, for the 30th time.
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  5.    17 Jun 2018 #5

    Thank you all.
    Nice of you folks to take the time.
    Great forum. Hate to admit it, but at my age now I tend to miss
    many of the nuances.

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  6. Berton's Avatar
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       17 Jun 2018 #6

    Robert11 said: View Post
    Thank you all.
    Nice of you folks to take the time.
    Great forum. Hate to admit it, but at my age now I tend to miss
    many of the nuances.

    Or trying to remember someone's name and it comes to you a couple days later.
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  7.    17 Jun 2018 #7

    B. Note- if you want the search box (and Cortana box) back temporarily e.g. to search for a program to launch after hiding it, just press
    Windows key + S

    C. - there's also a search box to the top right of file explorer
    Note that searching for files and folders using the Cortana/ taskbar search box is limited to what's indexed by Windows search
    There are filters for results (e.g. Music, Email, Apps...

    Both the above have significant limitations, but can give results for files indexed by content as well.

    Free 3rd party tools often recommended here give find-as-you-type results for files and folders across your all your (usually only) internal disks. E.g.
    Locate32 (which I like)
    Everything by void tools

    Once used, you'll wonder how you managed without them.

    F. - could you state some of the folders for which you can't find Delete in the context (rt click) menu?
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  8.    17 Jun 2018 #8

    You may want to install Classic Shell. This gives it the look of Windows 7 or XP (ie) Start Button with All Programs list etc. if you are more familiar with that.
    We suggest uninstalling Avast with AvastClear utility as it is bloated and does not protect you any better then the built in Windows Defender and may be blocking programs.
    Add Remove Programs is now called Programs and Features, you can access this in the Control Panel, or pressing the Win (Apple) Key+X and choosing Apps and Features, or by pressing the Win (or Apple) Key+R and typing appwiz.cpl and pressing Return (Enter on a Windows keyboard) .
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  9.    17 Jun 2018 #9

    Most start menu replacements offer a search bar to search at least the start menu; some offer file search as well.

    But note that Classic Shell Start Menu- whilst the best- and free- is no longer supported, and after 1803 will probably no longer work (it now fails on the latest Insider build).

    There are other start menu replacements like Start10, Startisback - currently the best for me, with a large start menu looks like Start Menu X.

    Win 10's start menu, like all Win 10 start menu emulations, fails to represent the menu structure properly if folders are nested 3 deep or more. Further, it does not support drag 'n drop.
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       17 Jun 2018 #10

    You can also search by:
    • Opening the Start Menu
    • Typing what you are searching for (no search box required)
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