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@MeAndMyComputer Here's the battery report. What do you see from it?http://files.fm/u/fwmzpt3v
Unfortunately I wasn't able to download it as Running security scan kept running forever.

In case you are interested
I have an HP EliteBook 8540w laptop w/o a battery from a few years ago. I do not have the original battery & AC-Adapter.
Determined the computer's laptop compartment battery information.
If I had the original AC-Adapter I would have determined that information also.
Checking for a replacement battery on-line resulted in conflicting information.
Went on-line for the correct manual for my make and manual using HP's Support Assistant
Found the parts list for the battery & AC-Adapter part #'s and power info.
Went to HP's store and found the information and cost by plugging in the applicable p/n's.
--- The best part of that step was exact information such as finding out the battery is an 8-cell unit
Why did I go through that much trouble? Because I've seen mis-matched info many times.
But also maybe because you'd like to ensure you will be ordering the correct battery using a similar approach on your Toshiba if you end up needing a replacement battery