Hi, I'm trying to run a bat file on Windows 10, but it tells me that "This app can't run on your PC".
The first time I get the error. The second time I run it it works. Runs from a shortcut from C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe set as run as administrator. The bat file runs until it hits the Move command. This worked fine up until a Windows update. All the forums solutions are old and don't apply. Here is the code.
Echo off
Set Pass=""
Echo "enter passkey version nnnn"
Set /p Pass=
Echo "DVDFabPasskey%Pass%"
Move C:\Data\Downloads\DVDFabPasskey%Pass%.exe C:\I386\Software\Utilities\DVDPasskey\DVDFabPasskey%Pass%.exe
Echo " start DVDFabPassKey"
Start /b "" "C:\I386\Software\Utilities\DVDPasskey\DVDFabPasskey%Pass%.exe"