Several threads suggest making a shortcut using the following string to turn on Windows 10 native Speech Recognition:

%windir%\Speech\Common\sapisvr.exe -SpeechUX

I am trying for a Desktop Shortcut which enables Speech Recognition AND opens the Control Widget (the oval with the Microphone in the circle to control Mic on-off, etc.).

When I program in the suggested shortcut, the Control Widget does not appear and I'm not sure that SR is even turned on =no way to know since no way to turn on microphone that I know of without the Widget.

How can I enable SR to turn on, and the Widget to appear, through a desktop shortcut?

Also, I am just beginning to use this Windows native Speech Recognition, so I'm not too familiar with it yet but early results are promising. I have always used Dragon but have given up on that. I use speech recognition for voice to text dictation and not commands controlling the PC, etc.

I am gravitating toward the old Speech Recognition and not Speech Services (Win-H). Why? Because as I understand it, Speech Services (Win-H) relies on the Cloud back and forth, while Speech Services is wholly within the PC. Would rather not tie up Internet resources which might slow the process of dictation voice to text.

Any comments if the Cloud slows this down and whether your experience is that Speech Services is more, or less, accurate / easy to use than Win-H.

BTW, I have pretty much disabled Cortana, so maybe this disables Win-H, but I might reenable Cortana if Win-H is much better.


I have Windows 10 64 bit latest updates installed.