Windows 10: Random Failure of keyboard and black screen

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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       10 Jun 2018 #11

    When available please post the above images for ccleaner and system settings.
    The memtest 86+ version 5.01 testing will take time to complete 8 or more passes and a significant portion can be done overnight.
    For this test the number of passes is important. The more the passes the better the testing conditions.
    If there is just one error you can abort testing.

    Which RAM module is old and which one is newer?
    When were they each installed?
    The RAM is mismatched.
    One RAM module may need to be removed.
    Manufacturer : Micron Technology 4GB
    Manufacturer : Hynix 8GB
    Whenever possible use RAM modules with the identical SKU.

    The logs reported multiple BSOD.
    There were no dump files to debug.
    Once there are dump files the misbehaving software and hardware drivers or malfunctioning hardware can be troubleshooted.
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  2.    10 Jun 2018 #12


    I downloaded and run memtest86+ install to USB stick, although process said could not format stick, even though it was already formatted (NTFS).

    I'll try running that tonite. Anyway I can run this test from Windows? Incase I can't do it from boot?

    Both RAM modules are new...came with HP build from factory. My gut feeling it to buy a matched pair of better quality RAM, from a good supplier, Crucial, Corsiar, Micron?? Thoughts..

    Screen grabs attached or system specs you asked for...


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ccleaner.jpg   vrtual-memry.jpg   start_recover.jpg  
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       10 Jun 2018 #13

    1) For Ccleaner un-check:
    a) Memory dumps
    b) Windows log files
    c) Windows event logs

    2) For virtual memory:
    a) check the box to automatically manage paging file size for all drives
    b) move the dot from custom to system managed size
    c) reboot
    d) reopen virtual memory to confirm the setting changes

    For Memtest86+ version 5.01 use the text and images in this link:
    MemTest86+ - Test RAM | Windows 10 Tutorials
    The testing needs to be continuous.
    Another computer will need to be used as the approximate test duration is 1 - 2 hours / GB RAM.
    The more the number of passes the better.
    The minimum number of passes is 8.
    It sometimes has taken passes into the 20's to find malfunctioning RAM.
    If there is just one error then remove one RAM module and test one RAM module at a time in the same dimm.

    In case there are problems booting using Memtest 86+ version 5.01 these are some troubleshooting steps:

    Boot from USB Drive on Windows 10 PC Windows 10 Installation Upgrade Tutorials:
    Boot from USB Drive on Windows 10 PC | Windows 10 Tutorials

    If you have fast boot or ultra fast boot enabled in your UEFI firmware settings, then you will need to temporarily disable fast boot or ultra fast boot to be able to boot from a USB.
    How to Enable Fast Boot or Ultra Fast Boot in UEFI Firmware Settings for Windows:
    Enable or Disable Fast Boot in UEFI Firmware Settings for Windows | Windows 10 Tutorials

    1. Try another USB stick
    2. Try all USB ports (2.0 and 3.0)
    3. Maybe when using UEFI Bios you have to temporarily switch to Legacy in BIOS settings
    4. Turn off temporarily fast boot, secure boot, CSM if enabled

    There are scanners that can be run to find RAM options for the motherboard:
    Crucial System Scanner |
    Crucial System Scanner |
    Memory Finder - Find the Right Memory | Kingston
    Memory Finder - Find the Right Memory | Kingston
    Memory Finder | Build with CORSAIR
    Memory Finder | Build with CORSAIR
    G.SKILL - RAM Configurator
    G.SKILL - RAM Configurator
    SK hynix
    SK hynix
    Memory Finder | Patriot
    Memory Finder | Patriot
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  4.    11 Jun 2018 #14

    Thanks zBook,

    I ran Memtest86 USB (Passmark) last night. 12 passes...ran about 10 hours , no errors.

    I will run Memtest86+ tonite. Got it loaded on USB.
    Made changes to CCleaner. The dude from HP made the PageFile changes to my PC. I usually let it run full auto...he said it would run better his way??

    Thanks for tips on memory sticks...will research , plus see how tonites diagnostic runs.

    PC seems to be pretty stable lately (several reboots and no BSOD or hangups)...since I removed the PrimoCache software and the USB connected SSD, but agree that the choice and mis-match of RAM the HP threw in there is bogus.

    I appreciate all your suggestions and time. More to follw from test results.

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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       11 Jun 2018 #15

    Each software product has a different algorithm.
    Some of them have conflicting results
    In the BSOD forum we use the Memtest86+ version 5.01 software as the tool to test RAM / DIMM /MB.
    When 8 or more passes have completed please post an image into the thread.

    There were multiple BSOD and no mini or memory dump files.
    The files are needed for troubleshooting the BSOD.
    Ccleaner was set to delete the memory dump files.
    Some page file settings may interfere with the dump file formation.
    So these settings were modified to improve the computer environment during the troubleshooting.

    The startup and recovery settings had been modified by un-checking automatically restart.
    This setting allows you to view each BSOD : ( with bugcheck.
    It sometimes may display the misbehaving driver in the form *.sys. If you see the misbehaving driver please record it and post it into the thread.
    At the very beginning of each BSOD there is a % counter. Make sure that you allow this to rise to 100% so that there is sufficient time to create the dump files.

    Once there is a stable computer environment (the longer the better) you can then make setting changes and see if there is any impact on stability or performance. During the troubleshooting process please maintain the new settings. After any BSOD please run the beta log collector and post a new zip into the thread. And for the next few BSOD please find the memory dump files (C:\windows\memory.dmp) > zip > post one drive or drop box share links into the thread.
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  6.    11 Jun 2018 #16

    Johnnie dr said: View Post
    Hi all,

    New to forum...looks like a good place for help. I'm not a PC expert, but used to build my own PC's , so I'm pretty familiar and comfortable debugging/repairing hardware and software issues. Been using PC's since Windows 1.0..

    Anyway, New-ish HP Envy Ryzen 5, 12 GB Ram. (2) 1TB hard drives. Dell Monitor, Windows version 10, build 1803.

    I experience random (once a week or so), where upon boot up, PC gets past post, i see HP logo and spinner telling me Windows is loading. I see my NUM lock light come on...but then go off. At that time, screen goes dark, keyboard and mouse are unresponsive. BUT...PC is still on and running.

    If I power-down, then back up...most times all is well and PC /Windows are working. And as long as I leave PC on, everything works great.

    Sometimes, when I reboot, HP system diagnostics kicks in and tries to diagnose (??) PC. Usually fails to diagnose anything, but gets stuck in a loop.

    I routinely run performance checks, malware checks, use Kaspersky and use a host of tools to keep the PC running well...all checks say all hardware and software is A-OK !!

    I'm stumped. HP support told me to clean disk and do a full Windows clean install (as expected). A local HP service shop said if NUM lock light goes out, than I have a bad motherboard, no 5 volt going to KB.

    I did have an older KB (PS2 plug) connected to a USB3.0 port (with adapter). I have now put a new keyboard (USB 2.0) into a USB 2.0 port, but didn't know if that might be a cause??

    Sorry for all the details, just wanted to state the facts.

    Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

    Exact same issue. Here is what I posted in another thread:
    brouhahaha said: View Post
    OK, with me, I know that Windows 10 is outputting to a non-existent monitor because I often have a YouTube video running that I can hear. The blank screen happens randomly and is not that big an issue because I can just reboot and 9/10 it will boot to desktop fine. At first, I thought it might be a corrupted Local login account. That did not help. the problems started when I installed a Soundblaster next to my GPU PCIe slot, I have also been overclocking, not much, 4.8 Mghz @1.250 on an i7-8700k (which is stable). Beginning to think this is a Windows 10 issue. I have switched off onboard graphics in Bios (chose PEP instead the other setting which i can't recall) and device Manager has my Nvidia 1080ti displayed correctly.
    Reading zbook's replies, I have set virtual memory to a large custom size on a separate SSD. Will try resetting that to system managed and see whether that solves the problem. Windows 10 had a couple of big updates in the last month, and I am pretty certain this issue started about the same time.
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  7.    11 Jun 2018 #17

    Thanks for your thoughts...

    Interesting info about the phantom monitor. I'll check to make sure that my BIOS setting for on-board is off, since I'm running a factory installed Radeon card.

    I too have a deep feeling that Windows upgrades are playing a major roll in all of our anomalies.

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  8.    11 Jun 2018 #18

    Whoops...spoke too soon.

    AMD Graphics system said that new software version was available, so I followed promtp and did a clean install.

    All went well thru a few reboots, then last one cause BlkSOD.

    Reboot got me going again. I ran log collector, see attached. Hope it shows something.

    Random Failure of keyboard and black screen Attached Files
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  9.    11 Jun 2018 #19

    Gets better...after the clean install of latest Radeon 550RX software, Radeon display and settings panel cannot be access. Nor can I get to is from the start menu.

    I'm now running basic windows drivers. Let's see how that pans out.

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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       11 Jun 2018 #20

    There were no BSOD dump files.
    Clean install was not yet discussed as a step.
    It is useful when working up hardware related BSOD.
    The logs displayed bugchecks

    WHEA 0x124 bugchecks are typically related to problematic hardware.

    The event log has many many corrected hardware errors. These are in addition to the 0x124 uncorrected errors.

    This bug check indicates that a fatal hardware error has occurred.
    This bug check uses the error data that is provided by the Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA).

    All major hardware components need to be tested: CPU, GPU, Drive, RAM

    When available please post the results of the Memtest86+ version 5.01 testing for eight or more passes.

    Please uninstall:
    a) system mechanic
    b) windows repair
    c) spybot
    d) kaspersky
    Removal tool for Kaspersky Lab applications (kavremover)

    e) Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

    When testing hardware using clean install it is done without the software so that there are no confounding factors.
    At some time this may be needed.
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