I have been using Windows 10 since the first TP release on a separate computer and on Virtual machines.. I must say that some features are welcome, in fact this is what Windows 8.1 should have been.

However, I upgraded my HP M6 laptop the same day of the official release.. to my surprise I had a number of issues that took me time to fix such as the IDT sound effect on YouTube, and some issues (like HP Quick Launch) still unable to fix..

I would have thought that the Technical Preview was a free of charge test program where Microsoft and its Hardware and Software partners take the opportunity to ensure that their wares are working well before release. Obviously, for some partners, it is not the case.

I use some applications (like Actia DiagBox) where the vendor warns against upgrading to Windows 10, so I use that and some other applications under Windows xp in a virtual machine.

I used to be enthusiastic about fixing issues... I now want things to reliably work like they used to, under Windows 8.1... in my current case, Windows 10 is a solution to a problem that did not exist..