Desktop PC is a Emachine HDMI EL1360G-UW12P original windows was 7 Home Premium I upgraded to 8 the 8.1 and then 10 pro for free.

Currently only running 1 windows on PC which is the 10 pro.

Here is what happens.

(1) When I plug in or unplug something from the usb ports on the front of the pc the 32" LED hdtv I use currently as a monitor will flicker and make a sound.
(2) When I am on facebook and scrolling down the page and there is a auto play video that starts it will make the screen flicker as I am scrolling. Sometimes a flicker or two and then I can keep scrolling.
(3) If I open a folder to watch a video file form my PC and click on the file to play it in VLC I get a flicker each time I close and reopen the VLC player.

This is just very irritating as this happens a lot.

Dose anyone have any tips or ideas on how to fix this problem.

I do like the hdmi of the tv so I am using a hdmi cord to run from the pc to the tv and I am using the hdmi port number (1) there are 3 and also a vga port as well.