How to Make Better Contrast to Make Words Easier to Read

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  1.    10 Jul 2018 #61

    Downloaded Vivaldi, left side says chrome web store. Lots of 'boxes' on right, a section under "Chrome Toolkit" has eight boxes, but does not have the one I was trying to use before.

    edit: (this is incredible, isnt it? thinking now this is somehow an unfixable problem, something must have went wrong in my system somewhere)
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  2.    11 Jul 2018 #62

    If nothing shows up in that location then it must have been deleted already. In that case I'm not sure why you would still get the manifest problem.
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  3.    11 Jul 2018 #63

    I Vivaldi just visit this link:

    Change Colors - Chrome Web Store

    Then click "Add to Chrome" It will install in Vivaldi.
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  4.    11 Jul 2018 #64

    Also click these buttons for settings and stuff:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Vivaldi.png 
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    I'm kind of busy at work now so will check back later.
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  5.    11 Jul 2018 #65

    wow, this is getting to be such a project.

    Like I said, dont have that "Change Colors" section to work with. Brought up Vivaldi. Brought up the Chrome Web Store thru the address bar. Bunch of boxes, 8 boxes under "chrome toolkit"....does not have "Change Colors" section like I used before this oddball problem started. Put "change colors" in the search box, same thing.

    Something real odd has to be going on if I once had that extension, the icon, etc, then it disappeared when comp was turned off and back on, now saying error. Maybe someone knows of some other way windows has for making fonts lighter/darker, etc, hard to believe something that seems so simple is such a problem. Seems to me it should be a basic thing that can be adjusted within the op system and not having to look into third party stuff (but, maybe that opinion is way off, not being tech-savvy)
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  6.    11 Jul 2018 #66

    Found this: In the chrome webstore, I put the word "contrast" in the search box. Brought up 2 sections that might help, and then under those 2 it has "related" ones that sound right. Mentions the stupid practice of hard to read light gray lettering on white background, mentions how this made sites much easier to see/read due to the nice basic black/white contrast. I'll have to give some of these a shot, see if I get that error message when I hit "Add to Chrome", and hope I dont foul things up more.

    Still doesnt make sense to me why a basic easier-to-read contrast adjustment isn't a simple to find/easy to do thing within the w10 system somewhere (......just found something under "contrast" under "settings".....lots of different choices for different things have to be made though, doesnt appear too simple.....I'll have to try keeping track as I go thru, writing things down as I click on things so I can go back if (when) it gets all messed up)
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  7.    11 Jul 2018 #67

    Do you mean that you don't see the highlighted box in the following screenshot from Vivaldi browser?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Change Colors - Chrome Web Store.jpg 
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    If so it could be that you have installed some kind of third party software script blocker.

    On another note for now you can just toggle "Reader View" button on/ off for easier reading.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Reader view.jpg 
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Size:	92.9 KB 
ID:	195405
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  8.    11 Jul 2018 #68

    My vivaldi is different than yours. If you mean the yellow highlights, I dont have all those icons. If you mean the "Add to Chrome", I dont have that because, as I said, I cant get the "Change Colors" box to appear anyway. You have a different chrome web store, because mine is all out of "Change Colors", and I dont have any "Reader View" button either. This keeps getting more and more complicated with more and more things involved. All from the start of a simple issue.....I had that extension, I shut comp off, turned it back on, and it was gone.

    Looks like it's time to realize this is an unfixable problem and/or hopefully find some other way to fix the ridiculous light gray/thin/hard to see and read lettering in so many areas. Hard to believe lots of others dont have an issue with this and dont know of lots of simple easy fixes.
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  9.    11 Jul 2018 #69

    Is there any chance that you could post a screenshot of what you see when you click this link?

    Change Colors - Chrome Web Store

    If you don't know how to upload a screenshot see:

    How to Upload and Post Screenshots and Files at Ten Forums | Windows 10 Tutorials
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  10.    11 Jul 2018 #70

    I suppose that you must have already tried this:

    Calibrate Display Color in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials

    Along with the related tutorials mentioned near the bottom of the linked page.
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