My wife has an older Toshiba laptop with 64 AMD processor. It has a Crucial SSD BX200. We had no end of problem back in January with the KB4056892 update. At that time, I did a clean install of Win 10 Home that eliminated the troublesome update. Since then it has worked fine.

Now, we have another problem and it seems it just started after the May 8 update. Last update was KB4103727 Build 16299.431

What happens, is that on startup or restart the computer hangs on the first Windows logo. No rotating dots below. (this is what happened last January!) On another occasion while working on a spreadsheet, the screen suddenly went blank. The fan could still be heard running. Only way to get out of this, was to remove the battery. Prior to that we tried other suggestions found on-line but none of them worked.

The startup problem is intermittent. But still keeps occurring. Most recently first thing this morning.

Have others experienced similar issues? Is there any fix?