I've had this problem before with an external sata drive I connect to either with sata or USB where I'm not able to access certain files and folders because of file and folder permissions.

I'm currently connected to this sata drive via USB under Windows 10 where I'm not able to access some of the files due to permissions.

I remember resolving this problem before by adding permissions for the current logged in admin user. I remember needing to edit permissions from the security tab, but don't remember what I did as now the security tab is hidden.

So far I've tried using gpedit.msc editing "remove security tab" .. setting it to "no" and enabling and disabling but can't seem to be unable to display the security tab and don't remember what I previously did to display the security tab.

This has been an ongoing problem with earlier versions of Windows where I've needed to constantly change the file and folder permission to access the external drive from four different PC's. Currently I have two Windows 10 PC's, one Vista laptop and one XP laptop. I would like to be able to change all of the external drives files and folders so it can be readily accessed and not need to continually change file and folder permissions when switching from one pc to another and not to constantly need to keep adding new persmissions.